Don’t Fall for Timeshare Exit Scams

Are you looking to get rid of your timeshare? You should be very careful! While there are legal and responsible ways to exit your timeshare, you should choose the right timeshare exit team in Florida. Here we have discussed the top five timeshare scams. Look out to avoid those timeshare-related scams.

1. Foreign Timeshare

Timeshares in foreign countries are gaining in popularity, but proceed with caution. You may not have the same protection or rights in a foreign country and getting out of your timeshare may prove to be extremely difficult.

2. Cancellation

Every timeshare has a cooling off period. During this time, you can cancel your timeshare and have your deposit and all other monies returned. This is known as the “right of rescission.” Once this period expires, however, most timeshare companies will have you believe that their contract is not cancellable. But, in reality, you may be able to cancel it with the help of a professional timeshare exit team.

3. Maintenance

Another way consumers might be scammed is with maintenance fees that do nothing. Your maintenance fee should be paid to maintain the property, but all too often it goes to line the pockets of the timeshare company. A poorly maintained resort is not anyone’s dream destination and can cause you to become disillusioned with your timeshare.

4. The Freebies

Many timeshare companies promise all sorts of free perks for attending a presentation and for purchase. However, the promise of a gift card or cool gadget may not be worth the financial burden of a timeshare. Proceed with caution.

5. The Pitch

Many timeshares have overly aggressive pitches. You may have been promised a free night at a resort in exchange for listening to a short presentation. That presentation could turn out to be an overly aggressive sales pitch that basically tries to bully you into a purchase.

How Can Our Timeshare Team Help You?

Depending on your situation, there may be several ways to assist you in canceling or getting out of your timeshare. The right timeshare exit team will make the process as easy and painless as possible. If you happen to find yourself in a situation where you need to cancel your timeshare, be sure to contact the right timeshare attorney.

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