Does Whole Body Cryotherapy Improve Recovery?


You have successfully started a workout routine and wondering what you can do for your aching muscles. Would you expose yourself to temperatures between -130 to -184 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce muscle soreness? The new modality of cryotherapy, Whole Body Cryotherapy, involves exposure to extremely cold air in an environmentally controlled room for a short duration of time, say two to three minutes. This method, performed by the best chiropractor in Federal Way WA, uses liquid nitrogen or refrigerated cold air to achieve the subzero temperatures. This treatment option is becoming increasingly popular to treat sports injuries and other similar conditions.

Does It Work?

A recent study has found that whole-body cryotherapy lowers the temperatures of skin or muscle to a similar degree as other forms of cryotherapy in Federal Way WA. It is also found that whole body cryotherapy reduces sourness in muscles but does not improve the function and performance. This technique is extremely helpful in treating a condition called ‘adhesive capsulitis,’ a severe loss of shoulder activities.

In this method, the person is exposed to extreme cold, and after the process, the enriched blood returns to peripheral tissues cleansing that tissue of toxins. It reduces inflammation and forces lactic acid from the muscles. This facilitates rejuvenation of the skin and speeds up recovery time.

– It revitalizes your body by pulling blood from the extremities to the core of your body to refresh and detoxify, which can help you with a speedy recovery. Your skin starts shining once the fresh blood returns to your skin’s blood vessel.

– Did you know chilling out the cryo chamber increases metabolism and burns calories? It also tightens the skin, reduces the appearance of cellulite, and maintains your existing beauty. It promotes better sleep and improves the overall wellness of your body.

– Exposing your body to extreme cold temperature packs your muscles full of nutrients, oxygen, and enzymes to aid your body in its recovery. It reduces muscle soreness and inflammation and helps you train harder and get back to your normal work out and pushes you to achieve your fitness goals.

Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy

– Whole Body Cryotherapy is beneficial for people who want to improve their overall health and appearance.

– It helps you recover from a painful sports injury

– Manages the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic pain

– Aids in weight loss

– Improves mood

– Reduces anxiety

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