Does Playing Outside Help Children?

From watching television to playing on iPads, children spend more time indoors, and their outdoor play timing is limited. This hurts the overall health and development of your children. By making sure that your child spends plenty of time playing outside, you can improve your child’s chance of future health and success. At our Renton child care center, we encourage kids to play out so they can stay active throughout the day. Here we’ve listed a few benefits your child may receive when he or she plays outside regularly.

Develops Learning Skills

Wondering how playing outside develops your kid’s learning abilities? Outdoor play is a fun way for kids to learn new information and skills, especially when the play is combined with educational equipment. When you integrate learning and outdoor play together, kids understand that learning is an ongoing process and is not confined within the classroom environment.

Makes them Creative

Unlike indoor games that constraints children inside the four walls, outdoor play stimulates their imagination by the objects around them and quickly improves their creativity.

They Learn Social Skills

Did you know children who are involved in outdoor games show more social skills that students who prefer to play indoor? Yes, outdoor games help children to come out of their shell and be social and make them more willing to interact with other children away from adult supervision.

Develops A Sense of Independence

Playing outside means children playing in an open space, usually away from direct adult supervision. This enables them to learn to play by themselves and learn independence when socially interacting with other children. It allows them to be independent and self-reliable.

Improves Overall Well-being

According to a few research reports, giving children the freedom to play outside makes them feel happier and calmer. That’s why our Renton preschool programs are designed to include outdoor play to create a positive attitude in our kids and improve their mood. It also helps them to be more focused when in the classrooms.

Health Benefits

Children get more room to play when they are outside, and this makes them more active. This results in various health benefits including,

– Strong bones

– Good fitness level

– Burn off extra energy and calories

– More Vitamin D

The Bottom Line

Outdoor play organized by Renton preschool allows children to get more fresh air and explore their environment. It also stimulates children’s senses through what they hear, touch, see and feel. So, send your child outside often to make sure that they enjoy these free benefits. Visit to know more about what our Renton child care center offers.

The author of this article is associated with a leading Renton child care center and has over a decade of experience in the industry. In this article, he writes about how outdoor play improves your kid’s quality of life. Visit for more information.

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