Does My Diamond Jewelry Need Maintenance?

Fine jewelry, like a diamond, has great value, both personally and monetarily. Whether you own high-end diamond jewelry, a family heirloom, or a sentimental band from your granny, maintenance is the key to retain the jewelry’s shine and beauty. Routine maintenance is crucial to prolong the lifespan and to keep the jewelry looking as beautiful as the day you received it.

Of course, diamond jewelry doesn’t have a shelf life. If you keep it for a hundred years, it would still have the same sparkle and brilliance as it had when it was bought. It’s because they are stable and sturdy structure. However, maintaining can expand its life and make it look even more beautiful. In this article, you’ll learn the basic maintenance tips for any jewelry, as shared by the jewelers in Albuquerque:-

General jewelry maintenance:-

Most of us have little information on how to maintain jewelry. Most of us try DIY jewelry cleaning and maintenance, which won’t be as effective as done in the jewelry stores in Albuquerque. However, you could use these tips to keep your jewelry in great shape.


This is one of the key maintenance you’ll have to do it. It is important to store the jewelry in a clean and dry box to ensure they remain in the best shape. Try to keep the jewelry in a soft cloth lined jewelry box to prevent dents and scratches and wrap each piece with a tissue or soft cloth. Let the pieces be separate from each other to avoid breaking, scratching, and tangling.


In order to guarantee that your jewelry stays in great shape, inspect your jewelry often and clean off dirt and grime if possible. Look for scratches, dents, and other damages.


How often should I clean my jewelry? This is one of the most common questions people ask. Well, it really depends on several factors, including the type, usage, and exposure. Also, consider the jewelry maker’s instructions. To provide the best care for your jewelry, follow the instructions provided by the jeweler.

Let the professional fix the damage

If you notice any signs of damage, never try to fix it on your own as you won’t have the equipment and knowledge. You might even end up doing more damage to your jewelry. Instead, take your jewelry to the Albuquerque diamond jewelers. Depending on the damage and warranty of the jewelry, you could get it fixed or replaced.

Do not wear your jewelry in a pool

Metals used in the jewelry are sturdy. But, when it is exposed to chemicals, it leads to discoloration, fading, and in worst cases, corrosion.

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