Does a Cracked Screen Affect Your Phone?


A decade before, dropping your phone was not a big deal. You will just it pick up, dust it off, and put back in place. Nowadays, dropping your smartphone almost gives a heart attack, especially with expensive phones like the iPhone. It can be disheartening to see your sleek and shiny screen with cracks. Besides, it can be overwhelming when you learn that Apple doesn’t cover for iPhone 8 screen repair Sydney even if you have a warranty period for accidental damages. Yes, Apple will only cover for screen repairs only if there is a manufacturing defect.

The display is made of glass or acrylic that can break quickly and become shattered when you drop your device or if it receives a significant impact. However, apart from aesthetic reasons that turn you off from iPhone repairs Sydney, there other productivity and functional issues that can arise when the screen is compromised.

Here are the dangers of using cracked iPhone screen:-


A phone with a cracked device will not get any better soon. The first thing that will be compromised when it comes to function is the touch screen capacity. If you use a cracked screen, it will take a long time for your device to respond to finger gestures, or even worse, it may stop functioning altogether. So, it is best if you opt for iPhone screen replacement Sydney as early as possible. Moreover, damaged phone screens are also vulnerable to dust, debris, and finger oils that work their way inside the device. It can further damage your iPhone over time.

Your device become badly damaged

Without the screen, other internal components in your device would be compromised. Yes, it causes further damages to the device. For instance, the digitiser is one of the components that are behind the screen and it is responsible for interpreting the touch on the screen. If the screen is damaged, the digitiser will be exposed to water, debris, and dust which are capable of creating a lot of damages. Over time, the digitiser will break and you end up paying for extensive repairs.

Reduce phone value

Other components could be damaged which you won’t be aware at all. If decide to sell your device, it is not going to be worth as much with a broken screen or damaged components. By fixing the screen, you will help protect the long-term value of your phone.

Some phones are easier to fix than others but definitely not an iPhone. So, it is better to get it fixed in a reputed iPhone repair centre.

The author is a professional cell phone repair technician who offers affordable and high-quality iPhone 8 screen repair in Sydney. In this article, he has given a few tips to protect smartphones from cracking. Visit for more details.

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