Do women’s really need motorcycle riding pants?

Every item in motorcycle riding attire is important to secure your lower and upper body parts. Your hips, knees, and feet are all impact points that need to be protected by abrasion and impact-resistant materials. Like motorcycle jackets or hoodies, motorcycle riding pants for women are also made with leather or Kevlar/Cordura nylon with CE-verified armors in the impact zones.

Manufacturers use the toughest materials (Kevlar or Cordura) beneath the motorcycle riding pants so that riders could be safe from fractures and injuries that could become life-threatening.

In this era, as women are taking interest in almost everything, there is a high percentage of women bike riders as well. So, whether you like to sit on the back of a bike or decide to ride by yourself, wearing a good pair of motorcycle riding pants for women is always a best decision.

What makes motorcycle riding pants worthy?

Since road rashes are the most common type of motorcycle injuries, motorcycle riding pants are built with tougher materials than casual denims mainly with leather or durable textiles that will not be torn out in a crash. Some best motorcycle riding pants have air vents for the circulation of air and some have waterproof linings that make these pants favorable in all weather conditions.

Motorcycle riding pants for women would be the best choice for women who like to have something comfortable, cool, and protective. The riding gear brands have a huge collection of designs and styles of Motorcycle riding pants with deep pockets and Kevlar or Cordura linings and armors. There are actually two types of armor used by motorcycle riding gear manufacturers.

Reactive armor & hard armor

An example of reactive armor is D3O armor that becomes strong and rigid when come in contact with road or vehicle and otherwise remains flexible and soft. Hard armor is rigid and have a layers of soft shock and impact absorber forms in the high impact zones. Have you ever thought about other gear terminologies?

A five-time stronger than steel synthetic fiber Kevlar is lightweight with extremely high tensile strength is well known for its use in body armor and drum heads and used in motorcycle gear for its heat-abrasion resistant stuff.

While Cordura is a blend of nylon or ballistics nylons with DuPont’s original brand name for the toughest fabrics. CE-rating on the other hand means that the armor passes the impact protection standards of the EU declared by manufacturers themselves.

So, now you can predict how much beneficial motorcycle riding pants and other riding items are, and you should always buy them before going on a ride.


If you are someone who likes to ride on streets on their heavy bikes or between high heels, motorcycle riding pants for women would be the best choice for you. You could look super cool and comfortable in your Cordura denims and be protective too. So, rather than wearing a normal pair of denims, you should invest in motorcycle riding pants to secure your life.


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