Do Dental Implants prevent Bone Loss?

Losing some teeth doesn’t just make it harder to eat or affect your self-esteem. Long-term tooth loss can, in fact, lead to bone loss. This, in turn, can cause the other healthy teeth to shift out of place. It doesn’t stop here; a lost tooth can even change your facial appearance by making it look more sunken. Choosing to invest in dental implants cost Sydney is one of the best ways to prevent bone loss caused by missing teeth. It offers a permanent solution to restore the dental function while also preventing bone loss and improving oral health. Keep reading to know more about how dental implants prevent bone loss.

Tooth Loss and Bone Loss?

Your jawbone needs stimulation to retain its density and shape. It is the teeth that provide this stimulation through common activities like biting and chewing. The regular movement of teeth promotes jawbone growth and rebuilds it to support the teeth. Once you lose a tooth, the jawbone below the area no longer receives stimulation, causing it to lose volume, width, and height. As the jawbone deteriorates, specifically in the case where many teeth are missing, your face’s structure can change.

How do Dental Implants prevent Jawbone loss?

A dental implant is an effective treatment to prevent the loss of jawbone tissue while also replacing missing teeth. They are different from other tooth replacement treatments, like dentures and dental bridges in that they imitate the root of the natural tooth. The implants are nothing but small posts made of titanium that are placed surgically within the jawbone. Thee hold the dental restorations in place, including bridges, dental crowns, and also dentures.

For the dental implants Sydney treatment to be successful, the bone must grow around the implant, and this happens through a process called osseointegration. As the dental implant acts as a permanent tooth root, the jawbone will receive the stimulation it needs and respond by regenerating itself. This is what happens typically when your permanent teeth are in place.

What if I already have Bone Loss?

It’s not unusual for those who missed their teeth for an extended period of time to have some degree of deterioration of the jawbone. Adequate jawbone is essential to support an implant and ensure a successful treatment. For those who have lost a good amount of their jawbone density, cheap dental implants Sydney may still be a good option provided a bone graft is done. Bone grafting helps rebuild portions of the jaw to ensure there is adequate density to support the implants.

Can I get Dental Implants?

Dental implants are fixed through minor surgery. Candidates must be in good oral as well as general health to be eligible for dental implants procedure. They also should have relatively healthy teeth and gums and be non-smokers. Those who smoke should quit before the surgery and during the recovery phase to reduce the risk of implant failure or other complications.

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