Different Categories of Hotel and their target customers

The Hotel and lodging industry is growing faster than ever in the recent times. This is because of the increasing business interest which involves lots of travel all over the world. Another reason being the increase in the number of tourists traveling to different places.

Apart from these reasons, many people traveling all over the world for many different reasons. This paves way for increase in different types of hotels based on the growing demand.

There are many types based on Size, Target market, Budget, Ownership, etc. Let see the different types based on their target market.

1.Airport hotels

These are the hotels that target the Airport industry. They target people like businessmen who are traveling, airline passengers, airline crews, etc. These are mostly located at a reachable distance from the airports. Some even provide transport facilities between them and airport.

2.Business hotels

Business hotels mostly target business travelers. These are generally located near the business districts in the big cities. They allow people for a shorter stay even for hours. They have additional facilities like conference rooms which can be used for business meetings.

3.Long Stay hotels

These types are best suited for staying for longer duration normally more than a week. Long stay hotels usually provide kitchen facilities as people staying for longer duration may prefer own cooking. Tourists are the main target customers.


These are the most exotic types among all other options. They generally located in the high tourist destinations like islands, mountains, beaches etc.  These hotels provide additional recreational facilities like swimming pool, golf course, massage parlor etc. These are more costly than any other types.


Suite hotels are mainly targeted toward businessmen and other professionals. These ones have a living room along with a bedroom. It is best suited for professional people who are in their official trips who can do their work in the living room.

6.Service apartments

It is mainly used by people for very long stay more than a month, sometimes even a year. They include living room, Kitchen, washing facilities etc.  They charge people on a monthly basis, sometimes they make an agreement for a longer duration. These are comparatively cheaper form others.

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