Dental Implants to make your life better!

The dental implant procedure is the placement of permanent prosthetic teeth that looks and functions like the natural teeth. Dental implants Sydney are designed to provide a smile that lasts for a lifetime. When placed by an experienced dentist, a dental implant is one of the most successful and safest dental procedures that can solve your cosmetic problems. To know better about dental implants, there are three main parts of implants: The implant, the abutment, and the crown or arch.

The implant:

The implant is a screw-like structure that is embedded in the jawbone. It is made of titanium and can fuse with the bone through a natural process called osseointegration.

Crown or arch:

Also called the prosthesis tooth, the crown can be designed to be stronger and appear like natural teeth. These are designed in a lab and custom made for individuals. The prosthetic teeth or dental implants can be a full set of teeth or a single tooth.


The abutment connects the implant and the crown. It is fastened into the prosthetic teeth. A small screw comes through the prosthesis and into the abutment to fit it tight.

Why do people need cheap dental implants in Sydney?

For eating:

Being able to chew and bite through a variety of foods is required to consume necessary nutrients and vitamins. Dentures can restore only up to 25% of the original bite strength, whereas dental implants can restore up to 80- 100% of a patient’s original bite strength once it heals.

To replace missing teeth:

We experience tooth loss for so many reasons. Some of them include periodontal disease, gum disease, medications, tooth decay, chemotherapy, injury, or drugs. You can choose to replace your missing tooth or teeth with dental implants for a long-lasting healthy smile.

For self-confidence:

Unsightly missed teeth often make us feel anxious about social situations and experience isolation. Natural-looking and strong implants, however, can help a person regain the confidence to socialise.

To reinforce the jaw bone structure:

When a tooth is lost, the jawbones’ integrity underneath is compromised. The adjacent teeth will slowly start to drift. This can cause the jawbone to degrade gradually, which in turn causes facial deformity. By replacing a lost tooth with a dental implant, the integrity of the jaw is maintained.

Once the affordable dental implants cost Sydney is fixed correctly, and once the healing is done, it can be fantastic. Your new tooth will feel and look natural. Many patients have also reported improved breathing and speech. But, you should still have to take care of the implant like your natural teeth, ensure proper hygiene, see the dentist regularly and stop any bad habits that can ruin your implant.

The author is a dentist. Specialising in dental implants in Sydney, he provides natural-looking teeth without much hassle to his patients. Visit for details.

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