Dental Implants – how it works with your other Natural Teeth

Dental implants are the Golden standard of teeth replacement. One of the attractions of dental implants is that they can be fixed adjacent to your other natural teeth without modifying them to look and feel natural teeth. It also helps other regular teeth by providing support to the surrounding ones by taking on some of the chewing action to no longer overwork.

How are dental implants Sydney placed?

Dental implants can fit around the other existing teeth, which means you don’t have to have any teeth removed to get your implant fixed. With a dental implant, a titanium post, an artificial tooth root is placed into the jawbone to secure the artificial tooth. This means they don’t need to be attached to your adjacent natural teeth like bridges. This makes dental implants a more hygienic option!

Will dental implants affect the structure of the surrounding natural teeth?

No, they don’t. Dental implants can fit around your existing tooth, which means you can retain them all together. Therefore, your implant will fill in the gaps left by your missed teeth to give a natural-looking and functioning artificial tooth.

Will dental implants match the colour of my existing teeth?

Yes, dental implants will look so natural on your mouth. The cheap dental implants Sydney shape, colour, and position everything plays a part in ensuring that tooth is placed seamlessly into your smile. Your dentist will take picture of your teeth before making your false tooth. He will compare shade guides with your natural teeth’ photographs to ensure your implant looks the most natural.

Dental implants look like your natural ones and help you feel no different from the existing teeth. With a dental implant fixed, you will not even remember that you have had missed a tooth in your life!

Are implants as strong as real teeth?

Yes, dental implants work just like your natural teeth. They are strong, helping you to crunch all your favourite food without any hesitation. Also, with affordable dental implants cost Sydney, they are not removable like dentures, which means dental implants are fixed solutions. So you don’t have to fear your implant coming out while you talk, laugh or eat like dentures.

How to care for dental implants?

If you are confused with caring for your dental implants, the good news is that implants can be cared for in the similar way you would care for your natural teeth.

Yes, dental implants make your life easier! Like how you brush your teeth twice a day and floss, continue the same with dental implants for it to last for a lifetime.

Dental implants can make a real difference in your life by increasing your confidence, improving your ability to talk and eat normally again, and flaunting your smile bright throughout your life!

The author is a dentist. Specialising in dental implants Sydney, he provides natural-looking teeth without much hassle to his patients. Visit for details.

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