Dental implants and how critical replacing a Missed Tooth is?

Has your dentist recommended investing in dental implants cost Sydney for you? Are you puzzled if they are really important for you or not? Before looking at the benefits, of getting implants, let us talk about the most common query first: what are dental implants?

A dental implant is a minute, but very strong screw made of titanium alloy. This metal is commonly used to surgically replace damaged or lost teeth. It is inserted into the jawbone, to make sure that the implant tightly connects the crown or any other prosthesis like a denture to the jaw.

You read that right, besides being used to replace broken or missing teeth, dental implants Sydney can also be used to give support to removable, loose dentures. So, now that you have a fair idea of what implants are, exactly, let us talk about why replacing a badly damaged or lost tooth is important.


It might sound superficial to people who has all their teeth. But even one missing tooth can put in lots of emotional stress on us. Generally speaking, every one of us is somewhat worried about our physical appearance, and so the missed tooth can affect our self-confidence as well.

To lose your beautiful smile because of missing teeth can cause and loss of confidence and even depression that in turn, can affect your personal and well as professional life. Researches’ say that the implants are often effective in enhancing the patient’s overall confidence and moral. As there is no visible variation between an implant tooth and a natural one after the procedure, it can actually enhance your physical appearance.

The Comfort:

If you are a lucky person who has all your teeth intact, then probably you have no idea how it would feel when a hard piece of food gets locked in-between the exposed tooth root of the missing teeth and an existing one.

Even if you say that is not a very uncomfortable experience, when that keeps happening almost every time you eat, it’s not uncommon to see people giving up on their favourite meals which they loved once, to alleviate themselves from the continuous discomfort and pain. In fact, losing your capability to chew and eat food properly can stop you from enjoying the biggest part of your life.

Oral Health:

When a tooth is lost, the entire dental structural balance is disturbed. The newly formed gap allows for the existing teeth, particularly the ones next to the gap to incline and shift position as a result of chewing.

This can further lead to other oral health problems down the line, especially if the gap left by the lost tooth interferes with the chewing abilities of the patient. It is not rare to see people lose multiple teeth over the years as a result of this. On the worst part, bone loss also occurs in the same row, side by side. That’s why investing in cheap dental implants Sydney becomes a must.

The author is a dentist who focuses on efficient, safe and affordable dental implants cost Sydney. He is dedicated to his profession and makes sure his patients are relaxed throughout the procedure. Visit for details.

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