Dental Implants – A painless option


Dental implants are one of the most popular teeth replacement options. Dental implants are known for their ability to mimic natural teeth and their durability. The implant is a little post made of Titanium. This post will fuse to the jawbone while replacing the missing tooth from its root. dental implants are the perfect teeth replacement option an individual can have. The dental implants cost being affordable will not only preserve the teeth alignment but also maintain natural facial contours.

Why are Dental Implants done?

Generally, dental implants might be right for you if you have:

-One or more missing teeth, about 3.75% adults aged between 20 and 64, have no remaining teeth.

-Sufficient jawbone for supporting the implants or is eligible to have a bone graft

-Healthy oral tissues

-The jawbone that is fully grown

-Unable or unwilling to wear dentures

-Want to improve speech

Why shouldn’t you be nervous about the Dental Implant procedure?

Over 30 million people have no teeth in both their jaws. Although there are many benefits offered by dental implants, some people do get nervous about the procedure. Upon hearing the word surgery, patients fear of extreme pain. However, the truth with dental implant surgery is that it is nothing more than a routine. It will cause no discomfort, pain, or downtime because you will be administered anaesthesia during the procedure.

If you are anxious about dental implants, talk to your dentist to make sure you are comfortable. Another concern of most patients to feel anxious is the dental implant cost. Trust us, dental implant cost is much affordable and investing in dental implants is worth your smile.

What to expect with Dental Implants procedure

On the day of the surgery, you will be given anaesthesia. The dentist will layout the surgical map, and then he will prepare your mouth for implant surgery. You would feel some vibrations in your mouth when the dentist drills a small hole into your jaw after he cuts open the gums and expose the jawbone.

He will make sure the implant fit is tight, and there is no space left for the implant post to wiggle or move around. Once the hole is drilled, he will place the titanium post inside it. He may take x rays to check if the post is placed appropriately before suturing the gums.

Not to mention, the dental implants cost is affordable. Thanks to modern materials, reliable techniques, and precise planning, patients can expect a higher success rate and enjoy their new dental implants for a long time.

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