Demand for plastic sheets surge across different industry verticals

There is a rising demand for plastic films and sheets across different industry verticals. Eco-friendly plastic and water soluble films are further contributing to the market growth of this segment. The varied applications of plastic sheets and films are indeed mind boggling. Here we discuss some of the most popular and growing applications of plastic films and sheets in different industries.

Advantages of plastic films and sheets

The demand for plastic films and sheets ensues from their versatile capabilities, advantageous properties and desirable characteristics that make them the best choice for several challenging applications. Plastic sheets and films find applications in both packaging and non-packaging environments. Plastic films and sheets are largely versatile and are available today in different forms like single, multi-layered, printed, non-printed, and also in combination with other materials. Why plastic sheets and films are gaining a rapid popularity in the global market is due to their economical pricing, durability and versatile performance.

Foods and beverage industry

There is a fast growing demand for beverages and packed foods in growing economies, especially in the Asia Pacific region. This scenario is most likely to see a growth in demand for plastic sheets and films in the food and beverages industry. Factors like disposable income, population growth, and rapid urbanization lead to the growth of food and beverages industry. Consequently, the demand for plastic sheets and films are growing in this industry segment.

The rising demand for plastic films and sheets in different industry verticals has given way to the development of advanced technologies and the acquisition of raw material manufacturers by plastic film producers. There is a great deal of research and development activities going on in this segment and also the produce lines are fast growing with the emergence of new products. All these factors are expected to have a highly positive impact on the plastic films and sheets industry.

Desirable characteristics of plastic sheets

Among the different variants of plastic films and sheets, LDPE and LLDPE is the largest segment. This segment is anticipated to grow further in the coming years. The most advantageous properties of LLDPE include high tensile strength, flexibility and a higher resistance to impact and puncture. The desirable properties of LDPE sheets include high clarity and low barrier. Plastic sheets are the most economical options among the different classes of packaging products. This factor further gives a boost to the plastic sheets and films. Some of the most popular applications of plastic sheets include packaging in food and beverage industry, textiles, and other applications in outdoor equipment and tents.

Plastic film sheet measuring technology

The surging demand for plastic sheets has also given rise to a significant demand for different technologies in plastic film sheet measuring. Plastic film and sheet industries are in need of precise and quick thickness measuring technologies that can help them achieve product efficiency, meeting the specifications of the buyers and ensuring the consistent quality of plastics and the optimum use of raw materials in the manufacturing of plastic sheets and films.

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