Data Analysis using Advanced Excel

Advanced Excel:

Advanced Excel is one of the most widespread data analysis devices that helps to visualize and obtain penetrations of your data. Advanced Excel Training in Chennai is best for your bright career and after completing Excel Training in Chennai surely you will get a lot of job opportunities in data analysis. FITA is the NO.1 provider for Excel Course with certification and placement support. They are providing an advanced level of techniques for students by our expert trainers with 12+ years of experience in this industry.

Data Analysis: 

This section explains Advanced Excel’s important characteristics to be given to data analysis.

Sort: In a single column or several columns, you will sort your Excel information. It really is possible to sort in ascending or descending sequence.

Filter: If you just want to view documents that meet certain requirements, filter your Spread data.

Limited Formatting: Based on the value of the section, limited formatting in Excel that helps you to illustrate sections with some kind of color.

Charts: At most a sheet full of numbers will be said by a basic Excel table. As you will see, it’s quite easy to build graphs.

Pivot Tables: Amongst the most advanced features in Excel is pivot tables. A pivot table assists you to derive the value from a growing, comprehensive set of data.

Tables: Tables enable you to easily and quickly examine your data in Spreadsheet.

What-If Analysis: What-If Excel Analysis makes it possible for you to experiment with different characteristics for algorithms (scenarios).

Linear Programming: Excel provides a tool called linear programming that utilizes information systems methods to find optimization techniques for all forms of decision issues.

Analysis ToolPak: The Analysis ToolPak Software is an Excel add-in organization that provides political, statistical and technical business intelligence applications for data analysis.

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