Criminal Injury Claims 101

Criminal injuries comes under the same set of principles as personal injuries that may be caused by workplace or road accidents, slips and falls, industrial accidents or sports injuries. If you have been the victim of a violent crime or if you have suffered an injury at the hands of a criminal then you may be eligible to make a criminal injuries claim. Whether you’ve been experienced psychological trauma or injured as a result of a violent crime, consider hiring one of the best criminal injury lawyers in Perth for the help you claim compensation.

If you’ve suffered a criminal injury, then you’ll know just how distressing it can be. Here we have guide you with some information about criminal injury claims.

Types of Criminal Injuries Claims

There are various types of criminal injuries claims. Some of them are listed below.

1. Workspace Criminal Injuries Claim

Did you know if you were attacked by a stranger in your workplace, and there was not adequate security at the workplace to prevent non-employees from entering, you can able to make workspace criminal injuries claim? Yes, depending on the circumstances surrounding the assault it may be possible to argue that your employer had not taken necessary precautions to protect you from this type of incident. So, you can allow making criminal injuries claim against your employer, if you were a victim of violent crime as part of your role at work or if the attack took place in your workplace.

2. Types of Personal Injury Claim

Claim that is made directly against your attacker! Many attackers will not have enough money to be able to pay to the claimant if the case goes against them, and therefore the claimant is unlikely to receive adequate crime compensation for their injuries. In many cases, judges will rule that if the attacker is already in jail, then they will not be liable to pay anymore compensation.

Criminal Injuries That You Can Claim For

1. A fatality caused by a crime of violence

2. Special expenses (past and future including the cost of treatments, aids and care)

3. Loss of earnings (past and future)

4. Sexual or physical abuse

5. The injuries themselves; both physical and psychological

Final Recap

Anyone who suffers an injury because of a criminal act has the right to seek compensation for their physical and psychological injuries. Are you looking for a reputable law firm for hire a skilled criminal injury lawyers? Then look no further than Trewin Norman and Co! This law firm not only equipped with the skilled criminal injury lawyers, but also with the experienced workers compensation lawyers in Perth, and public liability lawyers in Perth.

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