Creative Ways to Plan Storage Space When Building a Home!

Whether you are planning to build a small home or a big one, you must plan to make effective use of the storage. For this, it is important to plan the storage spaces realistically and utilise the existing space wisely. With custom home builders Sydney, one can tackle storage issues with a little creativity. The amount of storage space you create must be sufficient, and not scarce or extravagant. Too much storage space can create a visual clutter and insufficient storage can cause a hard life. Here are some creative ways to acquire amazing storage spaces.

Staircase Shelves

The area beneath the staircase is often wasted. Since they are low in height they make a great bookshelf. You can pile up a few steps to the height that you can access. You can add glass doors to enhance the elegance and to suit the style of your home. Another suggestion is to add some lights and convert this shelf into a tiny green area with small potted plants and succulents. You can consider this option when making your custom built homes Sydney.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen is an area which calls for more efficient storage space. Some build a separate storage room to organise the kitchen provisions. But, there are a number of ways in which the kitchen areas can be custom-made into pull-out draws, cupboards etc. Discuss with the expert custom builders Sydney, to make your kitchen efficient in terms of storage.

Utilise the Corners

Corner spaces are quite difficult to plan. Though you cannot put much into that space, there are some great chances to make it functional and stylish. While building a corner shelf in the hall can help you display things on it, having it in the kitchen can act as storage for dishes and placing culinary essentials which is used regularly.

Wall Storage

When it comes to walls, we usually think of what colour to paint or what piece of artwork to hang up. But, if planned right when building the custom home, you can use some of the space on the wall to clear up the floor space. This will make your home look well-ordered. Also, it is sure to double the quantity of stuff you can hold in the room, without making it look cluttered.

Recessed Wall Niche

These wall niches can add a pleasing look to the home. It not only brings in an architectural interest to the wall but can also turn out to be a space to display your home’s most personal items. There are a variety of designs available online which can be fitted to the wall. All you have to do is, create a hole in the wall and mount the niche into it. You can also use this wall niche to boast your prized plants.

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