Creative Easter and Valentine’s Day Event Activity Resources for Schools

Planning a community event at your school and need school event resources for teaching to help make that happen? Resources for teaching are nice-to-have for big events! Elise Simpson had taken the hard work out of searching for good online reading resources for your students! Resources for Teaching has pulled together some great organisations that offer educator and student education programs, parent workshops and speakers for community-wide events – all with a focus on educating everyone on the issues that today’s children face at school. Dive in to discover reading resources to keep your kids reading all year round.

Easter and Valentine’s Day Event Resources

Browse through the teacher resources in Australia for secondary and primary education and events at Resources for Teaching. Students learn valuable skills when the content and learning activities are enjoyable and understandable. Resources for Teaching store facilitates highly engaging learning environments through their broad range of teacher created resources that are aligned with the Australian Curriculum.

Available Valentine’s Day Resource for Event

Here is an easy Valentine’s Day activity for your students to make and display in your classroom.

Valentine’s Day Maths Booklet

This includes 8 Valentine’s Day themed math activities for students in grades 1 & 2. Perfect for math learning centres in February or as a bonus activity for early finishers to reinforce skills students have learnt.

This booklet will help students with the following topics:

1. Addition and subtraction

2. Multiplication and division

3. Whole numbers

4. Number and shape patterns

5. Data and money/ financial maths

Valentine’s Day Writing Booklet

Valentine’s Day writing booklet includes 10 Valentine’s Day themed writing activities for students in grades 1 and 2. This is perfect for the weeks leading up to this celebration and for students to understand the importance of helping and expressing love to their family members and friends. Great as a bonus activity when students have completed all their work in the month of February!

Available Easter Resource for Event

Easter Card Templates

These cute Easter Card Templates allow children to create a personalised card for their loved ones and friends. Each card contains something unique on each page for children to colour in, write a message and draw a picture. Alternatively, this resource can be printed onto coloured paper or images can be cut out and glued onto cardboard.

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