Crazy Venue Ideas for a Hen Party


It is usually the responsibility of the Matron of honour and the bride’s maids to come up with a befitting hens party. If your bride is into crazy stuff, then one of these ideas for the venue of the party will appeal to her. Remember it is her last night as a single lady so you want to do something memorable and fun and you want to do it all together. Here are some venue ideas that will combine crazy and memorable stuff all in one.

Hen House

Well, it is a hens party so what better place to have it than in a literal hen house? Of course, you will need to clean it up and ensure that the real hens will not be a bother. This will work if you know some friendly chicken farmers who are willing to let you have your party there. You can even have a cake shaped like an egg or a hen just to enhance the whole hen house theme. This venue is great if you want a place where the groom will never think to look for you and spoil the crazy fun, especially if a few naughty things may be going on during the party.

Groom’s Home

Is the groom planning his own stag party at a different venue? Well, time your hen party for the same day and find a way of getting the key to his home- most likely the bride has a copy of the key. This is supposed to be a secret break-in party. The groom should not know that his party will be the venue for the hen party, it should be a surprise for him to return from his own party and find another party at his home. This can be a cheap hens night where you sip wine and tell relationship stories as well as play hens night games. This venue works if you are sure the groom will not return and throw a fit about the idea.

The Ocean

So you are probably thinking of a cruise or a night at the beach right? Well, that is not what we have in mind. Think surfboards or diving gear. What better way to spend the last night of freedom than to do something adventurous? It could be surfing lessons if none of you know how to surf, or if you do, then just look for the waves and enjoy them, or you could hire mermaid costumes and scuba diving gear then explore the ocean.

The venue you choose can set the tone and vibe for the party. It will determine how much fun you can have, so make the best of the choice keeping this in mind.

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