COVID 19: Important Tips to Clean and Disinfect Your Building

With the invasion of coronavirus (COVID-19) across the globe, it is important for the experts in facilities management Sydney, to comprehend to the steps that must be taken to prevent the spread of virus in their facilities. In this article you will read about the best ways to clean and sanitise your building during this COVID-19 period to bring down the health hazards and risks, and to safeguard the building’s residents against contaminants. Keep an eye on these sanitation procedures will otherwise keep the residents happier, healthier and productive.

Tips to keep your Building Clean and Disinfected

Carry out an audit of most touched areas in your building – The frequently touched areas of your building can be the dock that generates millions of bacteria. Hence, it must be cleaned and disinfected precisely to foster a healthy workplace. For this, you must conduct an audit and take notes of the highly accessed /touched places in your building, as they could be the breeding place of germs. You can make use of the following list to begin with the audit.

– Chairs, especially the handles of chairs

– Appliances like Security card access machine,

– Coffee Vending machines

– Mouse/Keyboard of computer

– Desks, including the edges must be cleaning thoroughly

– Sanitise the Diaper changing places

– Handle of doors

– Buttons of the elevator

– Surface of kitchen

– Switches

– Reception counters

– Telephones, especially the receivers

– Sinks

– Railings

– Toilets

– AC/TV/Projector remotes

– Handles of Water cooler

– Parking Lots

Clean and Disinfect the Highly Accessed Areas –

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, there is a way lot difference between cleaning and disinfecting. The cleaning solutions can be helpful in removing the debris, while the sanitising solutions work to exterminate the germs and bacteria. If you are looking to precisely disinfect the contaminated surfaces of your building, you will have to combine both the cleaning and sanitising product, or acquire a cleaning mix, which performs both functions. When you apply the disinfectants on the stained surface, don’t wipe them off immediately. It would take at least ten minutes to get rid of those illness-causing bacteria. The best option is to deploy the services of a building management companies Sydney, as they will make effective cleaning products to wipe off the bacteria.

Promote proper hand washing techniques among the Staff – Washing the hands properly is one of the best defences to prevent the spread of illness, not only for the staff, but also for the visitors and residents. Teach the employees on how to wash their hands before entering to work, to avoid bacteria from entering your building. Stick posters that demonstrate the steps of proper hand washing techniques near the sinks, restrooms, kitchens and other areas which invites more traffic. Also, keep a hand sanitiser, that has at least 60% alcohol, and persuade the staff to use them appropriately.

Hopefully these building management cleaning techniques will help keep your building free from harmful pathogens, and the residents safe.

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