Cotton Hooded Sweatshirts Are Just the Best

There is no denying it… everyone loves hoodies. They are the comfort food of clothing, minus the slight feeling of guilt after eating too much. But honestly, if you did binge on dinner, the exact thing you are likely to turn to will be your hooded sweatshirt. They never seem to let you down. They are the good old, reliable pieces of clothing that you know you don’t even have to think about. You can wake up late one morning (or almost every morning) and throw on whatever hooded sweatshirt you have within reach and know that you will be fine for the day. Running out the door for a quick trip to the convenience store? You already know what that means. The hooded sweatshirt has to be one of the most comforting inventions the human race has ever created, and for this, we should all be grateful.

While hoodies in all their forms are appreciated, there is one type of hoodie that stands above the rest. That is the 100% cotton hooded sweatshirt. Yes. 100% cotton.

The lightweight, beyond versatile fabric. Truly the hoodie of the fabric world. 100% cotton is such a reliable, enjoyable material to wear. It is soft and consistently comfortable every time, unlike some of those scratchy sweaters we grew up wearing from time to time. This natural fiber has held up over the centuries as a much-needed material to keep us all covered throughout the ages. Even with the creation of synthetic fibers like polyester, cotton has still stood apart from the bunch as a material we can largely agree warrants the praise it gets. All of this, plus the fact that cotton is a natural fiber makes it more environmentally friendly than synthetic fibers, which just puts it over the top. All of this adds up to why we prefer a 100% cotton hooded sweatshirt over anything else.

For menswear, hooded sweatshirts seem to be ubiquitous, they are everywhere. And every guy has several in their possession, including a few that are old enough to say goodbye to. For those who cannot seem to let go of any hoodie in their lives, a lightweight 100% cotton hooded sweatshirt is the way to go. These work best for those who need to wear their hoodies all year long, even in the summer months. In the winter, however, there is no doubt about it. A warm, heavyweight hoodie is the way to go. It’s no surprise that this heavyweight pullover is a bestseller.

Of course, women are not excluded from any of this either. A thick, warm hooded sweatshirt is the right thing to wear when spending a cozy night inside. A lightweight option is a great call when going out for a light jog or full-on workout. This 100% cotton hooded sweatshirt comes in several different fun and cute colors and is made to fit a woman’s body perfectly so that the fabric doesn’t pull and tug awkwardly in places.

When it comes down to it, hooded sweatshirts are universally loved for good reason. So it stands to reason that buying a hooded sweatshirt made of a good quality fabric is a wise investment. You will want it to last in your closet for as long as possible since you will certainly be wearing it enough to get your money’s worth. You will also be enjoying it to the fullest every chance you get. This means you can’t play around when it comes to picking the best one for you. It’s hard to go wrong with a good hooded sweatshirt, and one with ultra-comfortable cotton as the material is a definite right. For all your 100% cotton sweatshirt needs, head on over to – they have everything you need to keep cozy and warm.

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