Cost And Features To Develop Medicine Delivery App Like Netmeds

The increasing health risk has contributed to an increase in the expense of healthcare facilities. The question that arises is, “Who is the devil?”. The poor lifestyle or poor feeding habits? The never-ending blame game is one part, but on the other side, the procurement of healthcare services is also essential.


Recently, the latest addition of online medicine delivery apps like grocery, food etc. in the group of home delivery services is making the headlines.


With the help of a medicine delivery app development company, you can mainstream your home delivery services that will help you flourish your business venture.


Netmeds: An Inspiration Model


Netmeds is a pharmacy store that has a history of operation from almost 100 years. With over 4 million satisfied customers, which is a milestone in itself, Netmed has given many entrepreneurs the required thrust to set their hands-on in the medicine delivery services.


If an established company like Netmed aspires you to start your online medicine delivery app, incorporating some basic features will help provide a base to your idea. We have made the theory work easy for you and mentioned some of the crucial elements that can help in the development of a full-fledged medicine delivery app.


Medicine Delivery App Enhancement


Having invested in the medicine delivery app development is one thing and knowing the requirements of the consumers is another. The purpose behind the incorporation of simple yet advanced features in your app should not be just profit-making but to help serve the customers.


Keep scrolling to know about the essential features for the optimal functionality of your app-


Profile: The foremost function in any app is the profile set-up. However, unlike in any other app, the profile set-up in the medicine delivery app is somewhat different. 


It not only includes filling up the basic details but also a dedicated page for any ongoing health condition will be beneficial and give it a professional touch. 


Prescription: Customers should upload their prescription via scanner. Uploading prescriptions will not only save the time of manual work but also ensure accuracy. 


There are cases when the patient is not able to read out the medicine mentioned in the prescription, but the medical store operator does. Uploading the prescription will assure that no medicine is mistaken.


Insurance cover: The app should also feature the integration of the insurance policies in case if the insurance companies bear the expenses of the medications.


Payment page: Like any other e-commerce website or home delivery services app, a secure payment page offering multiple payment options should be displayed. Also, it should provide a fragment along with the total bill summary.


Customer care forum: In case of personalization of the order, or to add extra information, or to address any discrepancy, a convenient chat or phone call support should be featured in the app to build reliability and enhance the customer experience.


These are some basic features that are must-have in a medicine delivery app to amp up its success rate. Now you must be wondering about the expense of the development of an online medicine delivery app. Not to worry as this article will brief you about the cost part as well.


Cost of delivering lives in packets


All the business models need funding, and before funding comes the phase of cost estimation. Before knowing the what factor, let us uncover the why!


There is an increased demand of customers or say patients using the on-demand medicine delivery apps. Also, there are not many companies that cater to the patients’ need for providing medicines at the doorstep. The reason is enough to motivate you for the medicine delivery app development


You can get an app development with a reasonable price tag starting from $10000 (approximate). With the most advanced features, the price is likely to go as high as $30000 to $50000. However, the scope of profit that can be gained through these apps is much above these figures hence making it a profitable investment.


The last statement


Reading this article must have added to the knowledge that you already had about the on-demand medicine delivery industry. The next industrial revolution lies in the smartphones as the trending operation via these mini devices is already witnessed, making it the right moment for you to invest in online medicine delivery app development


Hurry up to the expert developer that will help add wings to your structured business model and make it market-ready.

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