Corporate Catering – How to Do it the Right Way

Usually, corporate events tend to cost a great deal of money. Since it is a company event it is only necessary to hire professional caterers. Corporate always tend to be large scale thus the need to hire professional corporate catering Services in Chennai. However, just like any professional help, corporate catering services cost money. Professional fee for corporate catering services is not cheap. You pay for these professional caterers to make sure that nothing goes wrong. From the food selection, the décor and overall package, everything has to be perfect. If you’re on a tight budget then knowing a few tricks on how to provide quality yet affordable corporate event should be helpful.

Cocktail hour

Most parties nowadays have cocktails hours. In case you’re planning to hold a cocktail hour, it’s best to let the servers hand costly food items such as scallops and shrimps. By hand passing the pricier food items, you can already save as much as 30% of the budget.

Be mindful of the Prices

Try to learn the prices of different food items. You might be surprised to find some seafood items that can be cooked just as fancy may cost a lot lesser. For instance, the price of squid is definitely lower than shrimp. You can serve a lot more calamari during the event than shrimps. You can even completely replace shrimps with calamari during cocktail hour.

Keeps tabs on seasonal foods

The corporate caterer should see which foods are on the season and which are not. These food items are cheaper. Try to use foods that are in season. You can save up to 40% of the budget. In some cases, guests prefer vegetarian foods in the event.  Choose Veg Catering Services in Chennai for giving the best vegetarian foods to your guests.

Discount options

Most of the people are always like to have a discount on their event. If the event will include children then find a caterer who provides discounts for kids. There are caterers who charge just half the price of one plate for child attendees. You can save a lot from getting a 50% discount on every child who will attend.

While choosing corporate catering Services you should focus on all aspects of services of a caterer to get Best Catering Services in Chennai. Because the corporate events are a very crucial part of the to make impress their clients and employees by giving the best catering services in the event.




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