Complete Your Dining Room With an Antique French Buffet

Sideboards are lovely and underrated pieces of furniture that can be used to provide much-needed storage space in your dining room. They are also excellent places to highlight certain decor items while being attractive in their own right.

An antique French buffet can act as a purely decorative furniture item for your dining area or provide ample functionality by storing excess dishes and other useful items that you don’t have space for in your kitchen. Alternatively, you can use your sideboard to store dishes and glassware that you use the most, providing easy access to these items when you need them most.

Decorative Benefits of an Antique French Buffet

A buffet or sideboard is typically a low-standing cabinet that is used to house a variety of items such as china, serving trays, glassware, serving dishes, tablecloths, cutlery, and other important items used for dining activities. While they are designed specifically for practical purposes, antique French buffets are gorgeous pieces of furniture that can supplement your home’s style.

If you are searching or a quick and easy way to improve the look of your dining room, you can use your antique sideboard as a place to put various decor items such as fruit bowls, pottery, fine china displays, or even a large mirror, which can help cramped dining rooms feel larger. Buffets work well to naturally highlight what’s placed on top of them, so this is a great way to experiment with different arrangements that can bring out the best features of your dining room.

You can also utilize your buffet to complement the rest of your dining room furniture. If you are searching for a beautiful buffet of your own to include in your home, think about the specific carvings and grain of the wood and whether they would match that of your dining room set. French-style buffets often have simple handsome features and distressed wood that would look perfect alongside a beautiful French Provincial dining room set.

When you are formulating your ideal dining room arrangement with intentions of adding a sideboard, you also want to make sure that you have enough room to access this new piece of furniture at will. You want to try and avoid situations where you are asking guests to get up and stand aside just to access the cabinets or drawers for an item that you need. Arrange your dining room so that the buffet highlights and enhances the room, rather than crowding it.

If you find that you desire a French sideboard but can’t seem to fit it into your dining room, consider adding it to your living room or someplace else nearby. These furniture pieces are highly adaptable and can be utilized in a number of locations. The best part about them is that you can easily change their presentation by adding decorative linens and various decor items on their top. By adding a few elegant candles and some attractive floral arrangements, you can easily coordinate this useful piece of furniture with your living room decor.

Finding an Elegant Antique French Buffet That’s Right For You

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