Complete Guide to Buy the Right Rug for Your Home

Choosing a rug for new area? This is your opportunity to create a first impression that will sweep away your guests from their feet. If you’ve browsed the internet for rug style, shape,colourand fabric tips and the decision feels a bit overwhelming — don’t worry. We arehere to help you learn how to choose excellent rugs in Australia that puts together your whole look. With this extensive rug buying guide, you will have all the information you need to choose the perfect rug for each room.

Rug size

One of the most common mistakes made by first time rug buyers is to choose a rug which is too small for their space. Remember, a rug is not filler it’s a focus. A rug which is too tiny will suit your space will make your room look mismatched. A rug that is too big will look like an awkward hand-me-down. Much like buying a new dress, it’s about the comfort to buy rugs online. Using painter’s tape to mark where your rug should be positioned and measure the area. The front legs of your seating in your living room will all blend into the edges of a rug to open up a conversation. You should be able to scooter your chair from the table in your dining room, without snagging the corners.

Rug materials

Rug materials have an effect on its cost and quality. But picking a yarn should be your focus when selecting a rug. Children and pets are rough on rugs, so choose a sturdy, easy-to-clean rug fabric, like wool or synthetics. Generally speaking, the longer the fibres, the more comfortable your rug will feel. And if you often drop your phone on the concrete, you need a thick rug for absolute softness. On the contrary, if you have family members with wheelchairs or canes, a low-pile rug providesadded protected edges. Those with allergies would want to be awareof the rug’sfibre composition, so you can opt for an organic weave of jute or seagrass.

Rug styles

There are no hard and fast rules on choosing online rugs Australia, but many designers recommend mimicking the room shape, a key design feature, or piece of furniture. For example, a sleek metal coffee table pairs well with a stiff sisal rug if you opt to get off as an industrialized urbanite. Moving the opposite way will give your home a whimsical feel by layering a few fringed woven rugs. It’s probably your lifestyle and it won’t match up perfectly with your design. Knowing your top priorities, such as durability, cleanliness, cost or comfort, will help you narrow down your choices in selecting the perfect rug style area.

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