Comparison of Oracle DBA and SQL Server DBA

Oracle DBA:

Oracle Database Administrators to operate Windows, UNIX and Linux OS (Operating System). At the same time, the SQL Database Administrators to operate windows program only, but they know UNIX and Linux Operating Systems.

SQL Server DBA:

On the other support, SQL Server DBA requires gag Very Low Frequency (VLFs) separated separately as the server administrator put the data files, log sheet and tempd on the C drive with the operating systems and pagefile.

It provides the impression that an Oracle DBA operates more seriously than a SQL Server DBA. Multiple operating systems need to be implemented in Oracle DBA. Oracle is utilized on multiple platforms. On the other support, just the information of one operating system is needed for SQL Server DBAs. If you want to know more information about Oracle DBA. FITA is the best platform to learn Oracle DBA Training in Chennai with an advanced level of techniques.

Jobs of Oracle DBA:

  • Deploy and configure Oracle and SQL servers in situations that are facilitated and undertaken.

  • Improve Education Models for an object-oriented system.

  • Manage plans for backups and improving.

  • Collect and deploy new product servers.

  • Set up and manage to be client databases.

  • Building Oracle databases.

  • Reconstruction of the database and programming to the latest level of release.

  • Firing up and shutting down the database device.

  • Selling with the database’s warehouse buildings.

  • Administrators of the customers and production.

  • Administrations of the schema objective, for example, tables, files and views.

  • Building backups of the database and operating prevention when needed.

  • Controlling the health of the database and obtaining defensive or remedial progress as per the need.

  • Recognizing and tuning implementation.

Jobs of SQL Server DBA:


  • Control the databases of SQL Server.

  • Configure and manage database servers and methods.

  • Screen framework’s wellbeing and implementation.

  • Assurance elevated amounts of implementation, convenience, supportability and productive.

  • Explore, resolve and review the problems in real-time.

  • Provide instructions.

  • Clean and robotize regularly updated manners, track problems and work settings.

  • Help developers with query tuning and refinement of the schema.

  • Provide 24×7 support to the beginning machine frameworks.

  • Work planned to manage and support discharge deployment enterprises twilight.

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