Common Types of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Do you know all impacted wisdom teeth are not created equal? Yes, there are four types of impacted wisdom teeth. When a wisdom tooth breaks through the gum is called as eruption. However, a wisdom tooth not always grows in the right position. They may grow in different angles causing damages to other teeth. When a wisdom tooth does not fully grow is often referred to impaction. It is usually unable to break through the gums because there isn’t enough room.

Many assume that all impacted teeth needs to be removed. Understanding the different types of impacted wisdom teeth can help you make informed decisions. Based on the type of impaction you experience, you may or not require surgery and wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

Type of impaction explained

Impacted wisdom teeth are classified based on the nature of their growth.

Bony impaction – In this type of impaction, the wisdom teeth can’t able to grow out of the bone. So, this type of infection is difficult to remove as the tooth would have not been even reached the soft tissue.

Soft tissue impaction – When the wisdom tooth tries to come out, it gets stuck in the gum tissue, pushing the second molar. Although you cannot see the impacted tooth, it can still hurt and disrupt dental alignment.

Partial eruption – A third molar is impacted when it is obstructed by a nearby tooth and cannot completely erupt. However, cleaning becomes difficult as it cannot be reached with a toothbrush. This type of impaction requires cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney as they are vulnerable to dental decay and gum disease.

Horizontal impaction – It is the most painful and complicated type of impaction as it has grown sideways within the jawbone. Instead of growing vertically towards the gum line, the tooth is likely growing directly toward existing teeth.

Mesial/Distal impaction – When a wisdom tooth grows toward the existing teeth it pushes these teeth out of place and leads to discomfort and pain. In contrast, a distal impaction describes a tooth that is angled away from other teeth.

The wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney is affordable, and to determine whether you need extraction or not, the dentist will perform a thorough and comprehensive examination, evaluating the position of the tooth. After the surgery, you need to follow the post-operative care instructions provided by the dentist to recover quickly without any complications.

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