Common Sony Xperia Problems and How to Fix Them

In the world of high-end smartphones, Sony was the only brand that came up with a waterproof, powerful, and stylish Xperia Z series. Boasting a 1080 pixel display, a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, and the ability to take a bath with you, it has sold fast and marks a great come back from the Sony. Although it is a great smartphone, just like every other device on the market, there are some problems to deal with. In this article, we will take a look on those potential problems and solutions that Sony users face it like Sony xperia screen replacement or Sony xperia z3 repair.


A lot of Sony users’ complaint about overheating while they use the device. However, this has become a common complaint for all smartphones not only with Sony. As the device is packed with more powerful hardware it is somewhat inevitable that these devices get warm when you use them. The longer you use it and the more intensive your activity, the warmer it will get.

How to fix?

– Do not overload your device with a lot of applications. Try to uninstall all the apps that are not used often.

– Give it a break when the device is overheated

– Remove the case and let it rest

Screen damages

If you accidently drop your device, chances are high that the screen may have been damaged. If the crack is small, you could use the device. But, if the screen is completely smashed, you won’t be able to use and you have to get it fixed. Take your device to the nearby mobile repair shop that specialises in Sony xperia z3 repair and get it fixed. The Sony xperia z2 screen replacement cost depends on the depth of the damage.


You may have experienced random reboots, or, worse, a loop of rebooting that doesn’t allow them into the phone at all.

Poor battery life

Poor battery life is another common problem of Sony Xperia Z. Most of the users have complained about the issue on the forum that they need to put their phones in charge two times in a day.

To see what is eating the battery, go to Settings on your phone, then Battery and check what is consuming the power. If you the culprit are an app, then uninstall the same.

If you cannot fix the phone, take it to the technician. Never try to fix your damaged phone as it may lead to further damages.

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