Common Services Offered By Facility Management Companies

The process of managing the physical assets of the company such as equipment, system, building, etc. is known as facilities management. Facility management companies deliver a wide variety of services, and others would possibly specialize in one specific form of service. Among the forms of service provided by facilities management companies are as follows:

Facility management

Facilities Management Sydney obviously helps organizations control many facets of their facilities, from precautionary maintenance on machinery to routine cleaning. These programs are also flexible allowing businesses to get as much assistance as they need to keep their facilities running smoothly.


Maintenance teams undertake many projects over the course of a given week, and those projects whether involving slight repairs or major refurbishments need to be well strategized and effectively managed. These maintenance projects are planned and managed by facility management contractors as well as helping companies see them through to completion.


Keeping the employees and property safe and sound is a topmost priority, and some outside assistance is often required. Monitoring, access control and management alerts all factors to keep a work area safe and are an often overlooked component of facilities management.

Management services

Facilities Management Melbourne specializes in the maintenance and management of real estate. This type of service focuses on maintaining properties and buildings in good condition, combining routine maintenance, protective and reactive repairs, and systematic cleaning.

Cleaning services

Facility managements key component is to keep the facilities clean and many FM companies offer cleaning services. These services may include periodic thorough cleaning or day-to-day custodial work.

Quality control

FM companies employ a variety of practices and facilities such as preventive maintenance, routine checkups, and process analysis to ensure that the end products of an organization meet the highest quality standards. Holding machines and systems in top-of-the-run condition is essential to quality assurance, as are regular equipment inspections.


A building must maintain its IT network along with its physical machines and systems, in order to keep operations going. Network monitoring, maintenance, and security services help keep the IT infrastructure of a facility in reliable working shape while avoiding breaches that could compromise the entire company.


At a given facility the exact shape FM takes looks different from one company to the next. Others need more support than others, and can differ greatly in the types of support required. FM companies also provide various support services, such as maintenance facilities, training, landscaping, and many more.

Employing a manager

Your decision about hiring a manager in a Facilities Management depends on the needs, the budget and the size of your business. A large company with extensive, machine-packed conveniences will almost certainly want to employ some practice of facilities management, whereas a small business with minimal property could be able to handle everything without taking on extra staff or hiring a contractor.

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