Common Questions about Wisdom Teeth Removal Answered

For many people, the removal of wisdom teeth is their first oral surgery encounter, and they are likely to have many concerns about the treatment. There could still be questions about wisdom tooth extraction even in patients who have already undergone a surgical procedure. Here are some of the questions we often hear in advance from patients about wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

Why should I remove my wisdom teeth even though I don’t have any problem with them?

For many patients, the wisdom teeth will be impacted as there will be no enough rooms for the wisdom teeth to grow properly. A host of complications, such as cysts and abscesses, may be caused by infected wisdom teeth, so patients can opt to remove certain teeth as a preventive measure. It is also safer to remove wisdom teeth for patients in their late teens or early twenties, which can influence the timing of the operation.

Why do my wisdom teeth need to be removed by experienced dnetist?

When teeth are damaged, before the teeth can be extracted, the underlying bone can need to be removed. The experience of a dentist may be helpful in these instances.

How should I go about planning for this procedure?

For cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, you would probably want to choose some kind of sedation, so explore your options with your dentist well in advance of your surgery appointment. You can need to fast after midnight prior to the appointment, depending on the method of sedation. Your dentist will also warn you about medicines that should be stopped and other precautions you should take prior to surgery.

What can I expect from the post extraction recovery process?

Within days of a wisdom tooth extraction, most individuals are back to their usual routines. However, post-operative complications can prolong this phase, so be sure to speak extensively with your dentist about post-operative treatment instructions so that you can lessen your risk of those problems.

How long do I need to be medicated for?

Three to seven days of analgesics and five to seven days of antibiotics are suitable for most patients. It is important to note that, even though you do not have any symptoms, as prescribed by your doctor, you must take your medicine for the full period.

Are there any wisdom teeth removal complications?

The risk of a complication exists, as in any surgery. Following tooth extraction, a blood clot forms, this contributes to healing and new bone growth. The vacated root socket is dry and painful if the clot does not develop or gets lost too early. This is known as dry socket. Before you leave the office, the dentist you are referred to will mitigate this risk and monitor you for clot formation. You need to obey post-operative directions carefully to allow the clot to remain in place.

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