Common Myths about Blogging

Although blogging has been around for years, people still believe the tons of misconceptions about it. Do you know why many bloggers give up? They say blogging is hard; you must have strong writing skills, and much more. Some even cry I have nothing to write about. Well, enough of these statements and many more about blogging which is not true at all. But, somehow it’s spreading. It’s time to put them rest once for all.

If you are one among the bloggers who want to give up without even trying, this article is for you. We, SEO experts Sydney, have debunked the most common myths about blogging:-

Blogging doesn’t work

You must understand the fact that blogging is around for decades, and it’s not going anytime soon. In fact, it’s still growing every year. That’s why they say content is still kind. For businesses, regardless of the industry and size, blogging is the key to drive results. B2B marketers and Companies that blog consistently get 67% more leads and twice as much traffic as businesses that don’t. Also, blogging offers a lot of ways to attract and retain customers.

Some brands don’t need blogs

Regardless of the industry, blogging is effective, if you create high-quality posts that connect with your audience. That’s why it is essential to set your blogging goals. You can publish news and press releases about your company, promote your products, build a strong reputation, and engage with your customers through blogs. So, it’s indeed a myth. Every industry must blog.

If you can’t write, you can’t blog

It’s indeed a myth. Not everybody is a born writer. As the old saying goes, ‘practice makes the man perfect,” the more you blog, the better you could write. In fact, for blogging, you don’t have to hold a degree in English. You need to write like you talks because commoners are going to read the blogs posts and it should be in layman terms. What matters the most is that you should be able to get your point across your reader and teach them something they need to know.

You have to post every day

There is nothing wrong in posting every day. But, only after you have enough content to post every single day of the week. If you are a beginner, blogging a few times a week is more than enough. As long as you focus on the right topics, you’ll start to see the results.

You’ll get immediate results

No! Blogging is a process, and you can’t be able to see immediate results. You’ll have to wait for some time. Besides, blogging doesn’t stop with writing. There are lots of things to do to see the results. Yes, you need to promote and optimise your blogs for SEO. That’s why you need to work with the SEO Company Sydney to promote your blog and achieve the desired results.

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