Common Mistakes with Synthetic Grass Installation and why Professional Installation is advised


When it comes to artificial grass lawns, people always try the DIY installation. However, they mostly end up with some common mistakes. After all, when your artificial grass is poorly fitted, you are likely to be ridiculed by your friends and peers. Why go through all these efforts only to end up with a shoddy job?

Shouldn’t your garden be a place where you feel proud to host friends and family? So, consider calling artificial grass installers Sydney for doing the job right.

Here we have brought to you some common mistakes made with DIY synthetic grass installation and how professionals can help.

Drainage System:

Synthetic lawns should have a proper drainage system. When it lacks adequate drainage, water will start stagnating on the turf every time it rains or when break out the hose pipe for watering the flower beds. This pool of water can attract mildew, mould, and weed growth, making your artificial grass look messy. Handled to professionals, they will do the affordable artificial grass installation cost Sydney correctly, making sure the drainage systems are appropriately done. This will not only stop water from stagnating but will also increase the life of your artificial grass.

Uneven Surfaces:

Uneven surfaces are often overlooked with artificial grass installation. Although it sounds simple, professional installers will tell you that even the smallest bump will look big on a smooth lawn. Clear off the ground sufficiently before leveling out with sand before placing the synthetic grass.

Unwanted Growth:

Besides uneven ground, other plants also grow through the artificial grass if it is laid on top of fertile soil. So, during synthetic grass installation, weed barrier is installed to save your time of having to weed your synthetic grass.

Hazardous Joints and Edges:

Surprisingly, most people forget to secure the edges of their new lawn with a DIY job. If the edges are not secured properly, they are more likely to curl up at the edges. This not only will allow losing elements to get under the lawn damaging it but also people are likely to trip and injure themselves. Professionals will appropriately seal the edges and joins, making your garden safe and look neat. Artificial grass installation Sydney is not a simple job, and professional knowledge is required to do it perfectly. Hence handle it over to trained professionals and admire their handiwork

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