Common mistakes to Avoid When Buying an Ice Machine

There are a wide variety of models with various options, if you are looking to buy a commercial slurry ice machine for your supermarket, restaurant, fish market, bar, café or any business. But choosing the right one can be an overwhelming task. So, before you choose the right model, make sure to check if you have picked the right slurry ice machine that works with your business setup.

Here are some common mistakes that you must avoid when buying a commercial ice machine –

• Get a machine that produces enough ice to meet your requirements – When you look at the ice machines for sale, make sure to get the one that meets the purpose of your business. At the same time, avoid procuring a machine that is too large for your needs as it might upsurge your electricity and water bills. Check out the ice machine sizing chart to find the right ice machine for your commercial needs.

• The machine must fit your plumbing structure – Commercial ice machines require a steady supply of water. So, it is vital to choose a unit that matches the plumbing structure of your existing business. If you fail to do so, you might end up facing leaky inlet valves resulting in a failing grade from your local health inspector. So, learn about your building’s drain replacement organization and ways to drainpipe according to your existing plumbing.

• Buy the right type of machine – Getting the right type of machine for your business is essential to produce the required amount of ice during the busy moments. There are three types of ice making machines – Modular Ice Machine, Undercounter Ice Machine and the Countertop ice machines.

a. Modular Ice Machines – These machines are meant to be seated on an ice machine bin. This bin must be bought separately. The modular machines can produce somewhere between 250 and 1,000 lbs. of ice each day.

b. Undercounter Ice Machines – This machine has an ice machine head along with a storage bin. This machine can produce around 350 lbs. of ice each day. This is a great choice for hotels, bars and restaurants.

c. Countertop Ice Makers – These are the ideal choice for small establishments that lacks the essential floor space. These units can produce about 400 lbs. of ice every day. They make good choice for cafes and bars.

• Get the machine with the right Compressor – Selecting a commercial Ice machine unit with an appropriate compression is essential for your business. The different types of compressors that are available are –

a. The Air Cooled Compressor uses the available air in the room to cool down the machine and does not require water. This will save more on your water bills.

b. The Water Cooled Compressor connects directly with your existing plumbing structure and is a good choice for the areas that has an air temperature of more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

c. The Remote cooled compressors are completely independent of the ice machine, and are usually mounted outdoors.

Selecting the right ice machine for your business is important to derive the best out of your business. Hope the above tips would be of help when you choose to buy a new commercial Ice Machine.

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