Commercial Painting Problems that Your Painters can Fix

Commercial buildings must be kept clean, well-maintained, and look attractive. It tells your customers that your business is flourishing and helps you to gain more customers. But, keeping your commercial building in top shape requires a lot of effort and regular maintenance. By hiring the right commercial painters in Sydney, you can enhance the curb appeal of your business. Here we’ve listed a few painting problems that affect the appearance of your business and how your commercial painters in Sydney will help you.

Faded Paint

Faded paint gives your commercial building a dull look and affects the curb appeal of your building. So, how do you bring back your building to life? Your commercial painting contractors in Sydney can repaint your commercial building to give your building a new, vibrant, and fresh look. Moreover, they will also help you in choosing a high-quality paint that is resistant to fading and minimises fading process.

Blistered Paint

Cracked or blistered paint are common, and it leaves your building look old and dull. It makes your business place look ugly and unkempt. This issue is common in areas where there is a great deal of humidity or dampness. The moisture seeps into your property and forms bubbles beneath the surface. This cannot be easily handled, and only a professional can help you in this regard. A commercial painter would carefully remove the loose and peeling paint, and prepare the substrate for a new coat of paint. Preparation of the surface is the most important step to make hour paint last longer and maintain its attractive look.

Mould Growth

Mould often grows on the shady areas of the building and permanently damages the material beneath it. When there is mould growth in your building, it leaves a negative impact on your clients and poses a serious health threat. Not only this, it also affects your property value. Commercial painters are equipped to remove mould from the surface of the building, treat the area, and repaint it to avoid the growth of fungus. Today, there is mould resistant paint that inhibits the growth of mould in your building. Commercial painting in Sydney saves you from massive repair bills, protects your interior décor, and more.


Caulking is common among buildings of tilt-up concrete construction and must be renewed every eight years. Replacement must be done if there is split or water seepage. Your painters will use high-end premium caulks to suppress mould growth.

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