Commercial and Residential Establishments Using Gate Systems

Action Door knows the risks and setbacks of not having the best gate system to protect your family and businesses. We, at Action Door make sure that we only have the best products and services given to our clients and customers. We have all the best Residential and Commercial gate systems for you, your family and company. Gate Systems are used in gated communities, residential areas, schools, businesses, and apartment buildings. All of our Gate Operators have powerful features like Battery Backup that powers up over time and security 2.0® that ensures quick and safe access to your property so nothing will interrupt your work. gate manufacturers in Chennai is the #1 choice for Gated Communities and continues to grow bringing innovative gate and access solutions to market.


Here are some Gate Systems you can choose from Action Door


Slide Gate Operators – this gate system optimizes the space within your property and ranges from lightweight to heavy duty to accommodate number of gate weights and frequencies of use. You can choose from RSL12VDC Residential Commercial W/Battery Backup (designed to support gates up to 800 lbs and 25 ft long), Med-Duty DC or CSL24VDC (they both has a 24V DC motor which is equal to 1/2 HP. This unit offers great starting torque and constant operation), and SL3000UL Commercial Grade (great for areas that encounter high levels of traffic such as gated communities and private residences)

Swing Gate Openers – is for your home or businesses, metal door in Chennai Sleek and Powerful Swing Gate Operators easily and reliably give you access to the most impressive of gates. It has a 2.0® built in technology that nearly eliminates interference that lets you securely open your gate twice the range of other remotes. You can choose from RSW12VDC Residential-Light Commercial Grade W/Battery Backup (this unit is rolling shutter in Chennai most advanced residential and pad mounted operator), LA400DC Residential Grade DC Linear (has a strong 24DC motor which offers great starting torque and constant operation), LA412DC Solar Powered Linear (solar power unit runs off an EverCharge® Power Management System. Which offers a soft start & soft stop operation which lessens wear on the various mechanical parts.) and DC Powered Residential Grade (24V DC motor is ideal for single gate residential environments. Which lessens wear on the various mechanical parts.)

Barrier Gate Openers- if you’re looking for security, privacy and traffic control Barrier Gate Openers are for you. The Mega Arm spring and Mega Arm Sprint Tower are DC-Powered, high speed additions to the steel doors in Chennai Family of Gate Operators. The Mega Arm Tower High Performance DC Commercial Grade are units that has 24V DC motor and offer great starting torque making them ideal for most applications. Mega Sprint Tower High Traffic DC Commercial Grade have a 24V DC motor and is recommended for parking garages and or similar environments.

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