Claim Compensation for a Criminal Injury; All You Need To Know!

Criminal injuries falls under the same set of principles as personal injuries that may be caused by workplace or road accidents, slips and falls, industrial accidents or sports injuries. Are you suffering from an injury because of a criminal act? Then you have a right to seek compensation for their physical and psychological injuries with the help of criminal injury lawyers in Perth. Yes, along with all other personal injury claims, if you are injured in a criminal act that you were not involved in and that was due to no fault of yours, you have a right to compensation and should consider filing a claim.

How Criminal Injury Lawyers Will Help You with Claims?

Criminal injury claims are handled by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. However, they have stringent policies that will dismiss your case id it doesn’t meet their requirements. So, it is essential to apply for your claim without any errors, and with the requirements needed for the claims.

The criminal injury lawyers usually specialize in criminal injury cases and dealing with it. They also aware of the intricacies of filing a claim with the CICA. They help you make sure that your claim meets all of their requirements. So, there is zero chance that it will get dismissed. In addition, thy will help you file your claim on a No Win No Fee agreement, which in basic speak means you do not pay any legal fees until after the case is closed.

Requirements for Filing a Criminal Injury Claim

To file a compensation claim for criminal injuries, it is essential to establish three basic facts. The three basic requirements for filing a criminal injury claim are listed below.

1st Requirement: You will need to establish is that the act resulted in some kind of injury, whether physical or psychological. Proving that you suffered physical injuries is usually straightforward as the injuries are visible. However, proving that you have suffered a psychological injury can be difficult as these injuries are not visible.

2nd Requirement: The second fact that you need to establish is that you were the innocent victim and that you were not involved in any way.

3rd Requirement: You need to prove is that you were a victim of a criminal act. You are considered a victim of a criminal act if you were the one who was attacked or even if you were a witness to a criminal act on another person.

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