Choosing the Right Playschool Classroom Setup

Playschool classroom greatly differs from normal classroom designs. Yes, young children tend to learn when they are in a creative and nurturing environment, and classroom fitouts plays a significant role in enhancing their learning experience. The more they explore and experiment, the more they tend to learn. That is why many childcare centres opt for centre-based classroom designs. The classroom set up in a child care centre should not limit what can be done in each area.

Here are a few tips for designing playschool classroom, as share by our classroom fitouts experts:-

The extended use of space in the classroom

When determining the classroom design, it is essential to think about how each room is used and the activity level that may occur in the space. This is done to make sure not to set up a room that is active and at times, loud next to the library where the children are trying to listen to a story or where the children are trying to hear the instructions. The purpose of the defined areas is to know where the materials are used and stored. Once you determine which areas for what purpose, it would be much easier.

Size of the classroom

How much space do you have to work with? This will determine the number of rooms and materials you could include in the classroom. If the space is small, consider multi-use or mobile options to make the most of the classroom. Choose school joinery and set up library fitouts according to the space you have. If you make the appropriate preparations, a small classroom can be a great learning environment.

The number of students

The number of students in a classroom will directly impact the classroom fitouts. You’ll have to activity areas or find alternative ways to incorporate them in the classroom if you need to accommodate more children in a small classroom.

How many learning centres

Decide it based on the space you have to work with after planning the classroom space and teacher station. If you have a room only for a couple of learning centres, choose the one that enhances the learning experience of the little ones. For space efficiency, it is always better to use permanent fixtures that are present in the classroom.


Furniture could either consume more space or help utilise the space efficiently. So, choose the right piece of furniture that is durable, transportable, divide learning centres to enhance the classroom layout.

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