Choosing the Right Painting Brush For Your Project

You may think a brush is a brush what difference it would make. But, do you know which paintbrush is best for your painting job? Choosing the right paintbrush is crucial to achieving the perfect finish. Of course, it is easy to walk into any department store and pick a brush. But, not every paintbrush is the same. In fact, paintbrush comes in a range of shapes and sizes and has different features that will impact the painting job.

A fresh coat of paint can hide many imperfections. But, when it is not done well, it can look ugly as well. Not only the wrong brush leave the place look bad but also make the job harder. This is one of the common mistakes every DIYer make – overlooking the paintbrush. Professional house painters focus more on picking the right paintbrush based on the type of paint and the walls.

To help you select the right paintbrush, we, residential painters Sydney, have shared some tips:-


Paintbrush comes in two major bristle types, including natural and synthetic. While natural bristle brushes are made of animal hair and are best for oil-based paints, synthetic brushes made from nylon, polyester and combination of both, making it an ideal choice for water-based latex paint.

The Shape of the bristle

The shape of the bristle also influences the overall look of the paint job. Many prefer square-shaped brush for covering large areas. But, they can be sloppy when painting corners and narrow edges. On the other hand, sash bristles can make painting the doorways, mouldings, and other similar areas easier. While a thin angle is best for corners and sharp angles, sash angles are best for cutting in ceilings and trims.


If you have ever visited the painting aisle of a local store, you’ll know how overwhelming it would be of the choices. With brushes ranging in width from five-inch to quarter inch, it’s hard to find the right one. Always use a brush that is smaller than the surface you are painting. This is the basic rule you need to follow.

Choose quality brush

Of course, it would be tempting to opt for an inexpensive brush and then throw it out than cleaning it. It is okay if you are giving touch-ups. But, for big projects, you will have to spend on the high-quality paintbrush to achieve the perfect finish.

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