Children’s House International handles “new normal” out of country adoption

A non-profit international child adoption agency, Children’s House International, was founded in 1975 during the Vietnam baby lift to make a difference in the lives of children who needed it most. 

One of Children’s House International’s missions is to provide humanitarian aid to disadvantaged children through ethical adoption services, child-focused recruitment, and family support.


With the looming threat of the global pandemic, Children’s House International is facing challenges in processing international child adoption. Currently, the Children’s House International is working closely with its program countries. Each program country has different policies concerning COVID-19. US citizens are not allowed to travel to finalize the adoption process to their program countries. Many families will have to wait until the community quarantine and restrictions are lifted. Children’s House International is doing their best to keep open communication with their program countries. They are closely monitoring the global pandemic and keep updates with concerned families.


In the news, the United States is slowly emerging as an epicenter of the global pandemic. This prompted other countries to enact their own travel restrictions on Americans. Families will have to prepare for a much longer period of uncertainty. The situation made the family’s adoption process an emotional one as everyone is looking forward to starting a new life with a new family member.


Currently, Bulgaria created a creative approach to handling the current difficult situation. One of their initiatives is having a child bond with the adoptive parents through video conferencing. Bulgaria is also looking into the possibility of allowing families to pick up their children but they need to agree to quarantine themselves. 


One family wants to adopt a child in Ukraine but each state has different requirements and each program country also has different in-home requirements. Children’s House International makes sure they familiarize themselves with the various policies. Many families are still interested in international children’s adoption and the adoption agency is aware of all of the policies and regulations that entail. The program countries are making sure that the global pandemic and the entire process does not have too much negative impact on the children waiting for adoption. 


Though the adoptive families are experiencing delays due to the global pandemic, you will be assured that if you are working with Children’s House International, your child is in good hands. One of the positive feedback of this adoptive agency came from the family who adopted a Chinese child:


“It didn’t take much research and searching to see that CHI was one of the most respected, trusted, and ethical adoption agencies. And then when working with the staff, we could easily see how they earned their great reputation. We chose China because of CHI’s advocacy for their children. We didn’t know or understand the needs of children with special needs in China. We realized that in our desire to adopt a child with special needs, we had inadvertently excluded thousands of children because we didn’t know about their needs. Thank you CHI for advocating for children in China. And thank you for advocating for our daughter. We love CHI!”

C Family

Adopted from China



When this global pandemic is finally over, Children’s House International is optimistic that the children will soon find a loving family to come home soon. For more information on out of country adoption, get in touch with them at (360) 383-0623 or email them at

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