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Cracking CSIR NET Exam has always been a matter of pride for every candidate and to crack this prestigious exam, students can join CSIR Net Online Coaching. There are various career opportunities after clearing the exam still students find themselves confused due to a lot of questions regarding these opportunities like:

·         What one can do after clearing the exam?

·         What are the career options after qualifying the exam?

Through this post, we have tried to answer these questions and help aspirants know various career opportunities available for them after clearing the exam.

You Can Opt For PhD After CSIR NET Exam

Students with a good rank in CSIR NET Exam can pursue Ph.D. By opting for a Ph.D. degree, candidates can gain expertise in their field of interest such as Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, or any other field.

Most of the research universities and institutes in India also give preference to those students who have cleared the CSIR NET Exam and want to pursue a Ph.D. as the experience of such students will help to continue Ph.D. with the right approach.

So, if you clear the CSIR NET Exam, you won’t have to make much effort to get selected for a Ph.D. position.

Work as Lecturer or Assistant Professor

Assistant professor or lecturer job is considered as one of the most prestigious and reputed jobs in our country. After clearing the CSIR NET Exam, you can apply to various government universities. Apart from this, CSIR NET qualified candidates are considered on a priority basis in the private universities too. Candidates with CSIR NET Certificate can be promoted to higher positions such as Head of Department, Principal, VC, etc.

Public Sector Jobs & Opportunities!

Jobs in public sector organizations are in high demand among young candidates. They offer numerous benefits and attractive salaries to the right and talented people.

Lately, many PSUs have started taking interest in the recruitment of CSIR NET qualified candidates. At the time of selection of scientists for research, they consider CSIR scorecards as a priority and hire the candidates based on their abilities.

Work as Scientific Officer

Some top institutes & companies in India such as SAI, NBRI, IMTECH, NEERI, CPRI, etc. offer the post of the scientific officer to the CSIR NET qualified candidates to produce new products for their company by playing a role at the management level.

For example, DRDO, an agency under the Department of Defence Research and Development in the Ministry of Defence of the government of India, hires candidates through CSIR NET in its top laboratories.

Hope the above information was helpful to you. We have discussed the most sought after job opportunities available after clearing the CSIR NET Exam. If you are an aspirant preparing for the CSIR NET exam then you can visit our YouTube channel to learn the important concept. You can also join Chem Academy, India’s No.1 institute for IIT jam coaching & CSIR NET, where you will get quality coaching from India’s top educators and solutions to all your exam-related queries. To join Chem Academy, you can download the Chem Academy App now.

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