Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with Flowers


Although our culture and festivals differ, February 14th is celebrated all over the world. Everybody wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their loved ones. In fact, many find their soul mates on this special day. But, often people get confused about what to give on this special occasion. What will make her happy? Many tend to give jewelry, clothes, watches, etc. to their loved ones. But, nothing is as romantic as giving a bouquet of flowers.

Flowers are the symbol of love, and nobody wants to lose this opportunity to express their love to their spouse or loved ones. It is the day where you can see flowers everywhere. Berkeley florist stocks a variety of flowers that are grown locally or imported from various parts of the world. Different flowers carry different meanings on this special day.

Give your loved ones any of the following blooms and make them feel special:-


It is no secret that red roses are the preferred flowers on Valentine’s Day. It is believed that roses convey the message of true love to the partner. While pink roses signify joy and elegance, a red rose is a symbol of beauty. If your partner is passionate, try gifting orange roses to them. Yellow and white roses represent purity and warmth.

If your love is on the budding stage, you could gift lavender roses as they signify new love. Your loved ones don’t have to be just your significant other. You can use flower delivery Berkeley service to send a bouquet of roses to your mother, daughter, friend, sibling, or to whomever you feel special and connected.


If you want to gift other than red roses to your soul mate, lilies are a great choice. Lilies signify celebration, enthusiasm, and ambition. With their elegant look and beautiful scent, they could be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Lilies give a feeling of devotion and passion to your partner.


Do you want to make this day a most memorable one for her? Well, send a bouquet of orchids to her. Orchids are celebrated for their beauty and when you give this flower, it will definitely give special feelings to her. Beauty, love, and seduction are all represented by orchids. It is going to be a wonderful gift for your significant other.


A bouquet of carnations is also a perfect gift on Valentine’s Day. They are available in a range of colors, and all of them symbolize pure love. If you are in the early stages of your relationship, carnations could be the ideal choice. Let the best florist in Berkeley CA customize the bouquet according to your preference.


Tulips are a top-selling flower on this special day. They are the most beautiful way of expressing strong love and feelings towards your loved ones. A bouquet of red tulips speaks volume about your relationship.

Candlelight dinner, gazing at stars, and sharing past memories are some of the best ways to make this special day a lifelong memory in your loved one’s mind, along with your beautiful flowers.

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