CBSE Schools in Vellore for Child Education

The land of temples decked with gold, jasmine flowers, spirituality and education, Vellore is an ancient seat of learning and today, is home to a number of reputed colleges and universities. Actually, it is the culture that makes education thrives in Vellore where the people themselves believe there can be no shortcuts to education.

The number of schools though few are some of the most esteemed and laid a massive amount of stress on the overall development of the child. The teachers though lesser paid compared to their counterparts in other States, still, come up with innovative methods of teaching. Though a huge amount of importance is given to education there is a stark gender bias still seen in the rural areas where the girls are not cheered into joining schools. Vocation education assumes eminence in rural areas and school dropouts. In contrast, the cities have a number of CBSE Schools in Vellore apart from the IGCSE, ICSE and State Board affiliated schools.

The CBSE Schools in Vellore from the Pre-primary to Higher Secondary level and except for the Kendriya Vidyalaya, where the medium of instruction is bilingual involving English and Tamil, the rest of them are English medium schools. A striking feature is the amount of impetus the Government programs give the State-run schools. The free midday meals scheme, free bicycle scheme are all Government initiatives to promote education and bring the girl child into the classroom.

There are not very many nurseries in the city, except for those attached to mainstream schools, so the quality of education is preserved. Education still hasn’t become a business and serves to be the ideal place for education. If you are in Vellore, and are worried about your Toddlers admission, OSA can help you with your child’s admission needs while you sit back and relax. No more long queue for forms and no more multiple visits to schools, OSA does everything for you right from filling up your child’s admission forms, to submitting your child’s documents and scheduling an interview with the school of your choice, all this and more at a fee that fits your pocket.

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