Categorizing Western Shirts for Ladies

Whether you enjoy the competition of showmanship or you just love the look of western style, you’re going to have a need for western shirts for ladies to round out your wardrobe. There are a number of stylistic features that help to define and categorize just what western fashion is and why it is the way it is, even when you draw such a fine distinction as in shirts for ladies.

Additionally, as with all western wear, the components of design aesthetic for women’s western shirts are not entirely cosmetic. In fact, some of them are functional, and many of them were once functional but have now become only recognizable insomuch as they add a western flair. Either way, be on the lookout for some of these attributes when you are shopping for women’s western shirts.

In terms of the overall design, it’s common for women’s western shirts, much like men’s western shirts, to have plenty of room in the body and sleeves as well as long shirt tails that will stay tucked while you’re working. This is a common feature but is not true across the board, as some western show shirts for ladies have a relatively slim, body that is form-fitting.

Western shirts, including those for ladies, tend to have a western yoke instead of a square yoke. When looking at the back of a western shirt, you may notice that the yoke of the shirt – that is, the stitching that runs across the shoulders – meets at a point in the midsection of the back between the shoulders. Other modern shirts, including many contemporary dress shirts and button-downs, tend to have a square yoke which is just a straight row of stitching.

It’s also fairly common for western women’s shirts to have snaps instead of buttons as snaps are easier to work with than buttons and can be undone very quickly, which can be important if, for any reason, you need to open or loosen a shirt. At the same time, it is fairly common for women’s western shirts to lack a button or a snap at the collar, which remains open to keep the person wearing it cool. At the same time, women’s western shirts tend to have well defined, eye-catching collars.

In terms of style, it’s fairly common to see women’s western shirts decorated with rhinestones, semi-precious stones, and embroidery, often in bright colors that some might call “southwestern” Bright reds, yellows, and blues such as turquoise are fairly common in the design of western women’s ladies. Sometimes the embroidery is the central focus of the shirt and commands the attention of the viewer.

Some shirts are not embroidered but are instead decorated with a wallpaper print. Wallpaper prints, which are prints that cover the entire fabric out of which the shirt is made, are not uncommon outside of western fashion, but within the scope of western fashion include western elements. Some western shirts even have highly contrasting saddle stitching that adds both depth and color to the shirt. This is not unlike many different types of western boots which are stitched brightly for decorative purposes.

These are some of the features that categorize many western women’s shirts, but there are others as well. If you are interested in learning more about the designs and features that are typical of women’s western fashion, then check out Jackson’s English & Western Store at You can even call up their team for more information on western style at 269-792-2550, or even set up a time to visit them at their location in Wayland, Michigan if you’re in the area. Of course, you can also simply shop their impressive line of western shirts for ladies, right on their website!


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