Canada Immigration Consultants In Chennai

Canada Immigration Consultant


Canada Immigration:

     People from various countries migrate to Canada to work, study by getting permanent residence there.      Immigration has become very important in Canadian society because of its good standard lifestyle.



Legal Eligibility criteria in Canada Immigration:


  Age should not be above 40 years. Only age below 40 is eligible. 12 points will be given to the age criteria.


Should be criminally inadmissible:

  As per Canada immigration legal rules, You should never hold any criminal record. Having a criminal record can create negative impacts on the immigration process.


Work experience:

  Minimum 2 years of work experience should be held in the field we are willing to work in Canada.


Communication skills:

   English proficiency should be extraordinary. This is a really important factor regarding Canada immigration. Outstanding ability to write, speak, read is needed.

Both French and English can help in getting a job in the Canadian market. 28 points can be scored based on the skills in English and French. You have to take a test from an agency and that agency is approved by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).




Proper medical test:

  Undergo a complete body checkup, eye test, blood test, HIV test and submit a disease-free medical record in Canada immigration.


Points system:

 A minimum of 67 points should be scored out of 100 based on different strategies.

·        Maximum of 12 points for age.

·        Maximum of 25 points for educational qualification

·        Maximum of 15 points for work experience

·        Maximum of 28 points for language skills

·        Maximum of 10 points for arranged employment.




Immigration Consultant:

   Now the immigration process has become easy with the help of immigration consultants. If you approach the right consultancy, then you can surely ease your immigration process. Many consultancies are providing quality services with reliability and satisfaction.



How to choose the best Immigration Consultant?

      Choosing the best Canada immigration consultant will make your immigration process as the best. We have to do multiple analyses while choosing the immigration consultant. Awareness is required to avoid forgery oriented consultancies. Best immigration consultancies are available all over India. So the best thing can happen in choosing the right consultant always.


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