Can Hyperpigmentation Be Removed Completely?

Everyone has a unique skin colour – white, dusky, brown, black and more. Our skin colour is based on our genetics, but at times it can change based on the tissues. This uneven skin pigmentation aka hyperpigmentation is a common skin complaint. It appears on the face, hands, and the parts of the body that is exposed to the sun. This article summarises on hyperpigmentation and give details on what causes them.

What Exactly Is Hyperpigmentation?

If you see a patch of skin that is looking darker than your natural skin tone, it could be due to the over secretion of melanin. This hyperpigmentation can affect people of all ages, and of all skin tones.

What Are The Causes Of Hyperpigmentation?

The experts at cosmetic clinic Sydney cite the following reasons as the causes of hyperpigmentation –

– Pollution – The chemical pollutants, acids, and dust from the surroundings could irritate the skin. This irritation will lead to overactivity of melanocytes causing hyperpigmentation.

– Genetics – Familial progressive hyperpigmentation is a rare type of hyperpigmentation, which brings patches in the skin even during the early stages, and increase with age

– Damage from Sun – The UVA and UVB rays over secrete the amount of melanin, which triggers the pigmentary changes.

– Pricking on pimple could also cause hyperpigmentation, as it will result in a reddish-brown spot.

– Hormonal Changes – Oestrogen kindles the secretion of melanocyte. This is why the professionals in cosmetic injections Sydney, recommend not to consume any hormone supplements like contraceptives.

– Light from Mobile/TV/Computer – The UV lights from the technical devices could trigger hyperpigmentation. This is why, it is recommended to add a filter to the devices settings.

– Sweat – This can also trigger hyperpigmentation. Even if you are resting in a shade, and sweat, it can result in hyperpigmentation.

– Addison’s Disease – This is a rare condition, which is created when the adrenal gland produces more amount of steroids. The adrenal gland is located at the top of each kidney, which secretes a hormone called cortisol, to keep the human body in good shape. When this adrenal gland does not function properly, it results in Addison’s disease.

– Hemochromatosis – This condition is caused due to excessive deposit of iron in the skin and liver could result in this condition. Gradually, this might lead to diabetes, heart or liver failure. There are treatments available for hemochromatosis which can bring down the iron levels in the bloodstream and minimise the skin pigmentation.

– Skin Inflammation – This is caused following acne, when the inflammation of the skin happens. Once after the inflammation subsides, hyperpigmentation takes place. It usually occurs on the face and neck. It could be treated with laser treatment for acne.

How Do I Know If I Am a Candidate?

If you experience any changes in skin like dark spots or age spots, then you might be a candidate for the laser treatment. The specialists in dermatology will examine you and ascertain if you are a candidate for this treatment!

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