Can businesses benefit from installing Mitsubishi charging station?

In recent years, vehicles are expected to be environment-friendly. This includes preventing global warming and environmental pollution as well as diversifying energy sources from petroleum. The leading car manufacturer Mitsubishi motors tries to address these issues through innovations such as developing clean diesel vehicles and improving the fuel economy of conventional engine-driven vehicles. Particularly the electric vehicle technology incorporated in the MIEV series for environmental friendliness has a remarkable reputation among consumers for its many advantages over conventional cars including, acceleration starting with maximum torque, ecological performance, stability with battery unit beneath the floor, and reduced noise by the electric motor.

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular across Australia. However, when talking about electric cars, we shouldn’t forget charging stations! All those electric vehicle owners need a place to charge their vehicles. As the number continues to grow, business owners can also benefit from installing Mitsubishi charging station on their premises.

Installing charging stations for electric vehicles offers several benefits for businesses. Let us take a look at a few of them now.

Contributes to improvement in air quality:

Polluted air comes with undesirable health consequences for our planet and people. Any step we can take, as business owners or individuals to improve air quality will have benefits for all living beings and the sustainability of life on the planet. The fact that Mitsubishi electric vehicles produce more emission makes them a powerful tool in the efforts to improve air quality. By installing Mitsubishi smart charging station at your business, you are supporting the technology that will make our planet a cleaner place to live.

Build goodwill:

Consumers particularly millennial increasingly care about associating with a corporation that promotes sustainability. They are motivated to work for a company that responsibly produces products and services. By having Mitsubishi chargers, you can build goodwill with customers who see them and will understand that you also care about the environment. They will be encouraged to enter in your business if they know that you are well rounded and eco-friendly in customer accommodation.

Attract customers with EV:

Charging stations also attract loyal and new customers who are eager to patronise businesses that are supporting the transition to electric mobility. For instance, if you own a hotel or restaurant, you might entice customers with your charging station that may otherwise go elsewhere.

Enlist and retain talented employees:

Your employees likely care more about your actions as a business and its impact on the world. A growing portion of the workforce have already made the switch to Mitsubishi EVS, and the ability to charge a vehicle freely at the workspace is a major perk for electric vehicle drivers.

Moreover, according to a recent survey, 74% of plug-in electric vehicle drivers express strong interest in workplace charging. By adding charging stations for your workers, you accomplish two things: promote sustainability and good behaviour.

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