Can a Water Damaged Phone Be Repaired?

Do you know dropping device in the toilet is one of the top reasons for water damage repair? Along with water damage, it also leads to Samsung screen repair Sydney as well. However, some say that, I dropped in my coffee, my friend tripped his beer over it, and especially, I was taking bath. You might be surprised to learn how many people use their phone while taking bath and in toilet. Although people are aware of that they have to pay for Samsung s7 edge screen repair Sydney due to water damage, they could not resist themselves from using the phone in bathroom.

So you are one among them and looking for answers. Well, fixing water damaged phone depends on the depth of the damage and other factors. Here are a few things you can do if your phone suffers water damage:-

Note: Never touch a phone that is wet and plugged into a charger as you may hurt yourself.

Remove the device from the toilet or bucket or wherever you have dropped as early as possible and take out the battery. Removing the batter from the device could make a lot of difference to save your device. Most phones have a white indicator near the battery that will turn pink or red if water has damaged the device.

You can try to remove the moisture out by submerging the phone in a bowl of rice or other absorbent material overnight. Try to dry the device with a vacuum cleaner as well.

Here are Do’s and Don’ts:-

– Remove the memory card, sim card, and battery from the device as soon as you have dropped the phone into water or some liquid.

– Try to dry the water with an absorbent towel.

– Never switch on the device without taking out the moisture the water may enter and damage the internal components of the device.

– Do not use the hairdryer as it will also push water into the device, causing further damage.

– Keep the phone still to prevent water from spreading throughout the device.

If you have tried these things and phone is not working, take your phone to the mobile phone technicians who are specialised in Samsung note 8 screen replacement Sydney.

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