Buying Artificial Grass? Here’s What You Need to Consider

Do you want to enjoy a lush green lawn all year round with little maintenance? What better option could there be than synthetic grass installation Sydney? Maintaining love is hard, and it’s no surprise that realistic-looking artificial grass is becoming popular among property owners. The synthetic grass is both family and pet-friendly. Besides, you don’t have to worry about mud, mowing, and watering. The only upkeep artificial grass need is a monthly brush and house-down treatments.

If you are planning to buy synthetic grass, there are certain things you need to consider and here are they:-


Whether you believe it or not, there is a range of artificial grass colour variations. So, you can’t just go with the green. In order to achieve the natural appearance, you need the right shade of green with the addition of a brown coloured thatch. This replicates the look of real grass. Don’t go for too perfect green as it will look more like a bowling green than the natural-look. There are shades like darker greens, olive greens, and lime greens. So, choose the one which suits you depends on personal preference.


When it comes to synthetic grass installation cost Sydney, there’s no one-size-fits-to-all. The space you want to cover, labour and installation, materials, and purpose are the factors that affect the cost of synthetic grass installation.


Quality artificial turf will feel soft to touch. Go for polypropylene or polyethylene yarns. In addition to this, quality turf will be evenly backed and will have a well-stitched turf and a neat colour. However, quality turf will be expensive than others. But, it’s a long-term investment. Look for synthetic grass installers Sydney, who have a range of products and compare turfs with each other to see what appeals to you.


Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance than natural grass. However, regular upkeep will increase its longevity and maintain it looking great for years to come. While some require frequent care than others, others need to be cared for more or less the same way.

Pile height

The length of the grass blades from above the backing to the tip is called pile height. If you want a lush-looking lawn, choosing a taller pile height seems to be the right option. However, longer blades will be heavier, and due to the gravitational pull, will blend over themselves. So, it will make your lawn look flat and neat.

Artificial grass is a life-saver solution for those who want a lawn with minimum maintenance. But, you need to choose the grass to get the most of it carefully. Consider these factors before buying artificial grass.

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