Buying a Business – 5 Things You Should Know

Buying an existing business is one of the strategic decisions that an entrepreneur would take to build up or develop their own business. This is a huge decision to make and it does involve risks. This is why you should consider the following tips from Mandurah accountants before making up your mind in buying a business:


Besides the money required to purchase a business, you should also know that there are other expenses involved such as inventory, rent, utilities, payroll, and more. Take a look at your current cash flow and decide on how much you are willing to spend to run the business.


Why do you want to buy the business? It could be that you personally like the company, or that you see potential in the industry. If you have sufficient knowledge about the industry and believe that you have the skills or strengths required to smoothly run the business, consider buying it without doubt. Mandurah accountants also suggest checking the reputation of the business and the customer base to make an informed decision.

Financial Statement:

It’s always a good idea to check the financial statements of the business you are considering to buy. The statements should be audited by an accounting firm. Also check the tax returns and leases or contracts, if any. This lets you understand if the purchase would be profitable enough for you in the long run.


Talk to the current owners of the business and ask them any questions you may have. Some of such questions include the reason for selling the business, current cash flow, length of leases, marketing plan, business plan, and more. Obtaining answers to these questions will help you solidify your decision to buy the business, and know how much capital and effort would be required to run the same.

Business Value Analysis:

Knowing how much a business is worth lets you determine if the asking price is reasonable. Some of the methods that you can implement to analyse the value of a business include excess earnings method, capitalised earning method, and tangible assets method. Talk to the expert tax accountants in Mandurah for assistance.

Getting the guidance of a professional will always help in making this huge decision. Buying a business can be a complicated process, and the tips mentioned above should help you to eliminate common mistakes and potential losses in the future. Reputable accounting firms in Mandurah professionals can assist you in the buying process. Contact today.

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