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Alcohol can be a big turn off for enjoying pleasurable moments behind closed doors. It is a depressant and improper use of it can curb libido and prevent males from getting and maintaining an erection for the desired intercourse.

Too much of alcohol consumption affects both the brain and the male organ and causes erectile problems. Abuse or misuse of alcohol is the main cause of male impotence and erectile problems It hinders the circulation of blood to the male genitalia, reduces the desire for intercourse and spoils the mood of the males.

Erectile dysfunction is more common among men who consume more than 3 units of alcohol daily.Alcohol is also associated with relationship problems, abuse, physical assault, break up and divorce.Consumption of alcohol impacts body’ sexual response and leads to low libido, erectile problems and premature ejaculation.


The spectrum of sexual dysfunction includes:

  • Lack of libido forcing the male to avoid any form of physical contact with their female partner.

  • Difficulty in attaining and maintaining that erection until the completion of the intercourse.

  • Difficulty in getting orgasmic pleasure.

  • Premature ejaculation before or after penetration leading to marked distress.

As compared to teetotallers, the probability of erectile problems is significantly higher in males who consume alcohol on a daily basis. Only abstinence from alcohol can restore the lost manhood of males and prevent them from any form of poor performance during intercourse.

How erection dysfunction affects conjugal life?

Physical intimacy is an indispensable part of a marriage. It keeps the couple happy and connected to each other. Without intimacy, romance and sex, it can be difficult for a marriage to survive.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the main causes of incompatibility and friction among couples. A happy married life or a fruitful relationship between the couples can end due to the poor erection quality of males.


Males are under tremendous pressure in current times to keep their flag flying high in the bedroom. They not only have to keep their little soldier erect during the lovemaking session, but also have to retain the stamina and strength to fully satisfy their female companion. A man’s ego and self- esteem are tied to his ability to deliver to his partner. 

Inability to perform in the bedroom can erode the confidence of a male and lead to an embarrassing situation in the bedroom.

A male who manages to perform satisfactorily beneath the sheets is able to keep his partner happy and satisfied. Whereas, men who fail to get hard during intercourse session often end up disappointing their partner.


ED treatment Options

Advancement in medical science has introduced several techniques such as penile injections, hormone therapy, vacuum pump or surgical implants for curing the problem of impotent men and enabling them to attain a firm erection. These techniques helped impotent males of the upper strata of society to regain their lost manhood. But the high cost of these treatment options didn’t benefit the masses.


Buy Kamagra Oral Jelly 100 mg to conquer erectile issues

Erectile problems of men can be corrected with an FDA embraced medication called Kamagra Oral Jelly. It is an affordable version of the popular ED product Viagra which has been developed by Ajanta labs to cater to millions of ED patients of middle and lower middle segment. Prepared with a powerful ingredient called Sildenafil Citrate, it improves the flow of flood inside the chambers of the penis for a strong and rock solid erection.

Males desirous of improving their performance from Kamagra Jelly must share their history of the preexisting disease and all medical reports with a registered physician before its use. A user must go through the usage instructions and safety precautions from the medicine pack.This oral jelly is extremely easy to use. One just has to tear open the sachet and pour the contents into the mouth with the help of a spoon.

This PDE 5 inhibitor only shows results in the presence of sexual stimulation. It keeps the men vibrant and effective for 4-6 hours and offers them adequate time to indulge in multiple rounds of lovemaking activity. An elderly ED patient can buy Kamagra Jelly UK in different fruity flavors, for example, orange, banana, strawberry, mint, chocolate, vanilla etc.


Professional advice must be sought from a health care provider before the use of this oral jelly. Pre- existing diseases such as heart complications, kidney failure, lung disease or liver cirrhosis may prevent a male from taking this medicine. Men suffering from low BP, hypertension, blood cell problems, stomach ulcer or those with a history of stroke should consult a health advisor before they plan to use it. Males allergic to Sildenafil Citrate must share their medical reports with a health expert prior to its utilization. Nitrates, grapefruit juice, recreational drugs, nicotine and fatty meals must be avoided with it. Minors and mentally challenged people should never try it.

Kamagra Jelly 100 mg genuine at UK

Certified online pharmaceutical stores such as procure genuine and FDA approved medications from reputed pharmaceutical giants and dispatch them to millions of ED patients in the UK.  Through their user-friendly website, anyone can easily order the medications without a doctor’s prescription and get them delivered to their doorstep in plain packaging. Prior advice of a registered physician is essential in order to fully avail the benefits of Kamagra Jelly UK.





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