Building Automation Control System – Intelligent Solution for Every Facility

Ever since the voice assistants were introduced, it has changed our lives. “Smart buildings” are no more a buzz word! Yes, it’s here, and people are embracing it. The professionals who design, build, and manage facilities constantly look for ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a building. This is when the building automation control system comes to the play. Whether you want to increase your property’s security or boost productivity and reduce maintenance cost, smart buildings help achieve your facility management goals.

How do building automation systems work?

Building automation control systems control a range of components in a facility including, lighting, heating and cooling units, and other systems to communicate on a single platform. The goal of automating a facility is to enhance efficiency, reduce maintenance cost, and increase safety. Building control systems can be implemented during initial construction or revamp a building. It uses certain components to control a building, including controller, sensor, communicative protocol, terminal interface, and output devices.

The Building control system is a centralised network of microprocessor-based wireless or wired controllers connected to various systems of a facility to manage a building efficiently, reducing operational cost.

When combined with sensors and automation technology, a building automation control system can eliminate the need for human control over various systems of a building.

Function of BAS

While the primary function of BAS is to control ventilation, heating, cooling, lighting, and other crucial building systems, it can also monitor the individual components to alert building managers about detected problems. Based on the issue, the system will attempt to fix the issue automatically or send alerts and advice on the right solution. This system continually monitors and optimises its own performance without humans’ help.

Benefits of building automation control systems

Boost Productivity

Remember, you are implementing smart programmes and control systems that can streamline your workplace and make it highly organised, structured, and comfortable to work, which ultimately boosts overall productivity. Apart from keeping your employees productive, BAS enables the electrical systems to work efficiently without leading to extensive repairs, thus reducing downtime.

Reduce building maintenance cost

Did you know only 25% of building cost accounts for capital expenses whereas about 75% costs are related to operating a building? Yes. With BAS, a facility’ system will be operated efficiently without breakdowns, failures, and malfunctions. Thus, your building requires less maintenance or repairs.

Improved security

BAS connected with building’s security system can help monitor, control and create back-ups, increasing the safety and offers peace of mind. BAS sends smart alerts and notification in case of any suspicious activity that deters crime and theft.

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